BlogTalkRadio Launches Premium Packages

The BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy announced the launch of two BlogTalkRadio premium packages the other day, with the incentive tha anyone who sign up for these premium services will get them for free until July 1st.

These packages are designed to give hosts more enhanced features, including call screening, dialing out from the switchboard, being able to download, edit and replace episodes, and limited advertisements.

There is a Premium Host Package for $39.95/month (or $399/year) and a Premium Plus Host Package for $99/month (or $999/year). Both add a bunch of new functionality best read in the announcement post.

Users of the free version shouldn’t be concerned. All current features will remain free, so you can continue to use BlogTalkRadio as you have before.

BlogTalkRadio: An Interview With Deborah Ng

Deb Ng

BlogTalkRadio is you chance to host your very own radio show, participate in, or just listen to one. The service’s been around for some time, and has attracted quite a few celebrities, both online and the more traditional kind. With that in mind, I got in touch with Community Manager Deborah Ng to hear what she had to say about BlogTalkRadio, podcasting, and other things. The interview was a treat to good to pass up. [Read more…]

BlogTalkRadio Gets New Look, Networking Features


BlogTalkRadio LogoOn Monday, popular online radio network BlogTalkRadio announced a set of several new user interface features that encourage social networking and show participation.

The network has a What’s New page explaining the recent changes in detail.

Mashable says that “the focus is clearly to get visitors listening to more shows.” I agree. Without listeners, BTR dies on the vine.

A secondary pair of focal points to the changes at BlogTalkRadio appears to be to get BTR show hosts to talk to each more and to get more people to discover BTR via social networking websites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. [Read more…]

BlogTalkRadio Secures $4.6m in Funding

Podcasting service BlogTalkRadio have secured $4.6 million in Series A funding, which sparked a piece in the Bits blog, and an announcement post in the official blog of course:

We simply couldn’t be more excited about how this company is evolving and now we have the capital in place to accomplish many things. We are planning major enhancements to our user interface and user experience. We will invest in content and distribution as well as further developing our ad sales platform. We are also looking at developing many new products including a highly differentiated video platform, audio to text transcription applications and much more.

Congratulations are in order. Now let’s see what they’ll do with the dough.