BloodCopy Leaves The Gawker Network

The BloodCopy ad campaign, which put the True Blood promotional blog BloodCopy within the Gawker Media network and caused quite the ruckus, it now over. That means that BloodCopy has left the network, and is now a half-decently hacked Kubrick-based WordPress blog. Better yet, they left the network in character:

Effective at Sundown today, I’m taking back control of Bloodcopy and leaving the Gawker network.

Probably for the better.

Gawker’s Bloody Miss, A Hit After All?

Gawker Media footer

I’ve been watching the BloodCopy debacle for some time. BloodCopy is a new blog in the Gawker Media blog network, about vampired. Problem is, it is a big ad in itself, the whole blog is a HBO promo for the TV series True Blood.

There’s disclosure, hidden away in the Gawker Media footer. There’s no “sponsored post” text or anything. The campaign is, at the very least, balancing along the edge of what is deemed OK within the blogosphere.

We’d better get used to it. [Read more…]