Give Your Blog a Voice With BNarrator

If you think text blog entries are too one-dimensional, and don’t have the time or patience to produce a podcast, BNarrator could be for you.

Simply place a widget on your blog and the Website will be notified every time you update content. This text is then sent to a human narrator (aka voiceover person) to read. Voila! Once you approve the audio, people can listen to the content on your blog.

The service is free, relying on an ad-supported model to pay the bills. A brief ad will be played before your entry is read.

I certainly can see the benefit for elderly visitors and the visually impaired. However, unless your topic appeals to these audiences, I don’t think the widget will bring a sizable amount of traffic. Knowing that, there is another benefit to adding BNarrator to you blog. The company shares the revenue, giving site owners 30% of the take – with 5% supporting charities for the blind.

If you decide to give the widget a try, let us know how it works out.