SplashPress and The Blog Herald Announce the Independent Blogger Book Quest

UPDATE: Please forgive my misuse of the term “Indie Bloggers.” I was caught in book world thinking, using the short form for Indepemdent . . . Please accept my corrections. Independent Blog Book Authors from India and all over the world are welcome to participate.

It’s no secret that I’m from publishing or that I have a feeling for writing and books. I don’t hide the fact that I spent my early career, teaching kids how to get meaning by decoding words in type. Books combine so much I care about teaching, learning, thinking, communicating ideas. The best ones have photos, illustrations, maps, and diagrams too.

It’s enough to make me swoon. When you’re stuck somewhere, a good book can take you anywhere.

And so, with great enthusiasm and, in celebration of the book, Blogging Tips That Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging by Lorelle VanFossen, I’m pleased to announce the SplashPress IndieIndependent Blogger Book Quest here at the Blog Herald.

Because Not All Books Are Created Equal

We all know that not all books are created equal. Some have big-name authors. Some have big-name publishers. Some have big-dollar marketing plans. Other books are written after work, after dark, after the kids are put to bed. Those last books are slightly harder to bring to market. They often have a harder time reaching their audience.

So many of them are great books. A great book without an audience still doesn’t get read. That’s worse than sad. [Read more…]

New Book: Blogging Tips – What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging

We’re proud to announce that one of our own Blog Herald columnists, Lorelle VanFossen, has recently written her own book about blogs and blogging, Blogging Tips – What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging. You can check out the details and place an order here.

The book, published by the Blog Herald, was launched during the recently held SOBCon. Blogging Tips highlights useful and wonderful tips, tutorials, how tos and techniques on blogging that Lorelle has discussed here on the Blog Herald and on her Lorelle on WordPress blog over the past few years. [Read more…]