Blogging Is Better With Buddha


budWhenever writing about a religion or philosophy, things get sticky, and that’s why I often avoid it. There are many arms of Buddhism, and I don’t pretend to be an expert – only an always-improving student.

Buddhism doesn’t care if you were born into another religion or whether or not you believe in a God. It is a practice rather than belief. I propose that you can improve your blogging skills if you travel the The Noble Eightfold Path as you write. This is the road Buddhists travel down as they strive for enlightenment.

RIGHT VIEW: Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths (1. There is suffering. 2. I recognize that there is suffering. 3. Suffering can be stopped. 4. The way to stop suffering is The Eightfold Path.)

As you write, look deeply at your subject and keep in mind that nothing is permanent. Understand the law of karma. Karma is determined by everything we do, say and think. By providing your audience with mindful blog posts, you will increase your Karma credit. (And this comes in handy, because no one is perfect!) [Read more…]