The Twitter Premium Accounts Hoax

I don’t know about you, but the lack of source links gave the BBspot hoax about Twitter’s premium account business model away right away. Then, reading on, it got even better. Why would a 140 character service offer accounts with more than 140 characters? If you fell for this one, you probably forgot the mobile phone aspects of Twitter.

I especially like this premium account type:

Eagle ($250/month) – Users get 500 character limit, 1000 extra random followers, 3 celebrity followers of their choice, 5 hours on recommended list each month, Twitter Concierge for Tweeting while user is asleep or busy (and more), auto-spell check, “Fail Whale” tuxedo, custom “Fail Whale” page when service is down.

Fun stuff.

TechCrunch wonders what the readership would think about premium accounts, and I’d like to extend that question to the Blog Herald readers. If Twitter were offering premium accounts, what would they offer and how could they be interesting to you?

Twitter to Remain Free, Business Model Still Unknown

I love the response to the recent Twitter business model buzz on the Twitter blog:

However, it’s important to note that whatever we come up with, Twitter will remain free to use by everyone—individuals, companies, celebrities, etc. What we’re thinking about is adding value in places where we are already seeing traction, not imposing fees on existing services. We are still very early in the idea stage and we don’t have anything to share just yet despite a recent surge in speculation.

All illustrated with a press clippings image. I wonder how big this one will be on Techmeme?