5 Blogging Meetups to Come in Summer 2013

In a world that is chock full of bloggers on every topic and in every niche imaginable, staying ahead of the curve is crucial if you want to be one of the more successful web workers among them. There are a number of things that you can do in order to stay ahead of the pack, but none is as useful as attending any one of the many blogging meetups and conferences that take place around the world every year.

Improve your skills, learn from your peers, and grow your contact list, all in the name of more success, with any one of these five blogging meetups to come in the summer of 2013: [Read more…]

Hostel company seeking 2010 Winter Olympics video blogger

We’ve seen a fair number of blogging competitions over the past couple of years, where one lucky entrant gets an all-expenses-paid trip somewhere to blog about an event or location.

The latest one to catch my eye is being run by Hosteling International Canada.

They’re looking for a video blogger to report from Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (12-28 February 2010).

To be in with a chance of winning, bloggers need to submit a one-minute video explaining why they would be the best person for the job. [Read more…]

Twitter Loves Canada

You might not know this, but Twitter doesn’t support two-way SMS (mobile phone text messages, that is) all over the world. In fact, most of the world is limited to updating your Twitter account with SMS, but you can’t get updates to your phone. I’m not sure why you’d want that, especially since any decent phone has a web browser that can manage the mobile site, but that’s up to you.

Anyway, if you’re Canadian and want to use SMS for updates both ways, well, now you can! Twitter obviously thinks this is a good idea, to manage your twittering via SMS, and are planning to add more countries to the list. To me it feels old and boring, but then again there might be a business model here. After all, the mobile carriers probably like any increase in texting since they make money from it. That’s a thought…

Blogs and Blog Networks in Canadian Web 2.0 Top 20

Backbone Magazine asked the readers to nominate Web 2.0 companies/services in Canada for a list, and then a jury took these nominations and made a list called PICK 20. This was the result:

01. Club Penguin
02. FreshBooks
03. ConceptShare
04. Cambrian House
05. Smallthought Sytems’ Dabble DB
06. Octopz
07. Open Text
08. Kaboose
09. Standout Jobs
10. NowPublic
11. blogTO
12. Jiibe
12. Something Simpler
14. Mob4Hire
15. MovieSet
15. b5media
17. SmartHippo
18. ThoughtFarmer
19. Protagonize
20. Store Ops-Center

Obviously, some of these have tied positions, as you can see from the list. Bold means blog related.