Nintendo Goes After Bloggers Who Posted Satirical Video

Duncan Riley, founder of the Blog Herald, received a letter requesting to remove the funny, satirical College Humor Mario and Princess Sex Video [NSFW].

Nintendo of America is threatening sites that wrote about College Humor’s Mario and Princess sex tape spoof on the grounds of trademark infringement.

In a letter sent to The Inquisitr from Nintendo representatives Cyveillance, the firm states that they were writing to ask us to “stop using the Nintendo properties in the hidden text/visible text/meta tags and/or title and/or links of the above-referenced sexually explicit Web site.” The firm goes on to state that “Nintendo’s customers include many children and their parents. Unauthorized use of Nintendo trademark(s)/work(s) is harmful to those customers and will tarnish Nintendo’s reputation.”

The video is still up on College Humor, so we can assume that this is an isolated case from agency Cyveillance. If other bloggers have received a similar C&D letter, we would love to hear about it. If Nintendo really insists that everyone removes the funny video, maybe bloggers should boycot serious coverage of Nintendo news.

Cease & Desist Sent Via Twitter, Come On…

Burger King didn’t like the Twitter username whoppervirgins, so they sent a cease and desist notice – via Twitter. Or did they, maybe it’s just a ploy to get some linkage from the blogosphere? Techdirt dug it up, and asks why no one nabbed this Twitter username when the ad campaign with the same name rolled out?

My bet is that the C&D isn’t entirely serious…