Overly Attached Girlfriend Uses Creepy Fame To Raise Money For Charity

Overly Attached Fundraiser

Overly Attached FundraiserOverly Attached Girlfriend has taken time off from stalking Justin Bieber, Drake and other celebrities so she can focus on something more important, helping charities raise money through the use of her viral fame.

The viral video star this week launched a new YouTube series called Dare to Share which aims to raise money from worthwhile causes.

The first episode of Dare To Share was uploaded on Tuesday and according to Laina Morris:

“The Internet is a unifying force that brings the whole world together.  We’re more connected now than we have ever been, through things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  In today’s world, we are constantly connected.  Smartphones that go everywhere we do are notifying us every second.  It’s good—we can laugh together at funny videos of sneezing pandas, English brothers who bite each other’s fingers, and Overly Attached Girlfriends.  And it’s bad because people can do or say whatever they want when they’re hiding behind their computer.  But together, we can work to make it the most powerful method in helping others.”

The new program works by allowing viewers to dare Morris to do crazy things. As money is raised Morris will complete the crazy tasks.  [Read more…]

Social Media Rides with 9/11 Charity

Ride with the 40 Route

Ride with the 40 RouteAhead of the upcoming anniversary of the September 11th attacks, McCann Worldgroup has partnered with a motorcycle club called “Ride with the 40” to raise money for a national memorial at the Flight 93 crash site. According to AgencySpy, 3 producers from McCann have joined Ride with the 40 on a cross-country road trip to generate funds by utilizing social media throughout the journey.

The concept is to encourage people to donate to the cause via their web site and via text message, but also to create a community effort by inviting people to participate in social networking with Ride with the 40 and fellow followers. Ride with the 40 are utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare to document their journey, which began in Newark, NJ last week and will end in San Francisco. [Read more…]

Tumblr Mocks BP Oil Execs, Partners With Charities


It looks like Tumblr has had its fill of the oil fiasco that has now turned the bluish green gulf of Mexico into a red and black dead zone that is threatening wildlife (as the image above shows).

In order to encourage users to help fund efforts to protect what’s left of the gulf ecosystem, Tumblr has changed everyone’s dashboard background to a “heart-of-BP-executive black” unless they choose to donate $5 to a specific charity. [Read more…]

Drew Carey Wants 1 Million Followers, Will Pay For Them


Drew Carey, or @DrewFromTV on Twitter, wants more followers. He also wants to donate money to Lance Armstrong’s charity organization Livestrong. So why not do both at the same time? If Drew Carey gets 1 million followers by December 31st this year, he’ll donate $1 million to Livestrong. And if he gets less? Well, it’s a buck a follower, so it’ll be money for Livestrong no matter what. Right now @DrewFromTV is at 73,814 followers, but that’ll probably change. [Read more…]

DonorsChoose.org Launches 2009 Social Media Challenge

DonorsChoose.org managed to raise $275,000 for public schools in last year’s Social Media Challenge. This year’s edition is sponsored by HP, and up and running already.

For the competition, each competing blogger and twitterer creates a unique “Giving Page” at DonorsChoose.org filled with his or her favorite classroom projects. A “leaderboard” at http://www.donorschoose.org/social-media-challenge-2009 displays the Giving Pages and tracks the live competition progress by total amount donated.

Naturally they want to do even better this year, and you can participate with your own blog as well.

Street Named After Twitter Account

There is a street named “@arjanelfassed”, after the Twitter account with the same name. Isn’t that amazing? Well yes, it is, but it’s not as big as it sounds. There is a Dutch website that sells street names in a Palestinian refugee camp, giving the proceeds to the Palestinian Child Care Society. Wired’s Epicenter have the full story, with quotes and details. So while it is not as big as having a street named after your Twitter account in central New York, it is for a good cause.

23andme Gives Sponsored Tweets a New Spin In The Name of Charity


23andme23andme, the biotech company co-founded by Anne Wojcicki AKA Sergey Brin’s wife, has given the topic sponsored tweets a new spin. According to Techcrunch the company has agreed to pay $1 for the first 500 tweets with both the hashtags #blamedrewscancer and #23andme.

#Blamedrewscancer is a Twitter campaign which went viral very quickly after Drew Olanof was diagnosticized with cancer earlier this year. Ever since then Drew started blaming his cancer for everything, also via Twitter. On 09.09.09 Drew organizes a 24hour Blame-A-Thon which is also sponsored by 23andme. All proceeds of the Twitter publicity stunt and the Blame-A-Thon will go to the Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.

Call for ActionAid Bloggers – Make a Difference

We all know that blogging is a rewarding endeavor. Now imagine if you could take that joy and add in an element of philanthropy? ActionAid Australia, an international anti-poverty agency, is planning to send up to 10 bloggers to poverty-stricken countries, in an effort to establish a network of outreach blogs.

Part of the gig includes setting locals up with the equipment and know-how they need to tell their stories. [Read more…]

SocialVibe Comes To WordPress.com

If you like to give a little to charity without actually giving anything, you can install the new SocialVibe widget on your WordPress.com blog. What it does is that it lets you pick one of the available causes, and then a sponsor will pay every time the SocialVibe widget is loaded, of course showing the sponsor message to cover the bills. Doesn’t cost you anything other than screen real-estate, which it might very well be worth. More details on how it works in the WordPress.com Support area.

Self-hosted WordPress users can nab the plugin, and everyone else can find a suitable solution on the SocialVibe website.