Charlie Sheen’s Impact On Social Media: 1 Million Unique Visitors For


Charlie Sheen’s line crossing antics have made a massive impact on Social Media. The web’s fascination with Sheen’s turn to Social Media in a bid to validate his fight against “Trolls” (not the kind you’re thinking of) and to rally his fans hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recognizing the potential, has tapped in to the Sheen marketing machine while Charlie proclaims he may have on speed — go — his impact only generates one number: 1,000,000.

After amassing more than 1,000,000 Twitter followers in under 24 hours and winning a Guinness World Record along the way, Sheen has taken up every opportunity to tap in to his fan base. Among the many promotions Sheen is doing such as a sold out standup tour armed with nothing more than a torpedo of truth to a live webcast that sets itself apart by intentionally misspelling the word corner, none is paying off more than his hunt for a Social Media Intern.

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