Blogger Arrested Accused of Leaking Guns n’ Roses Songs

Kevin Cogill, probably more known as Skwerl over at music blog Antiquiet, where he leaked 9 Guns n’ Roses songs from the upcoming album Chinese Democracy, was arrested by the FBI this morning. According to the blog, the FBI picked him up early, and Antiquiet had decided not to make a big deal about it, that is, until LA Times picked it up. That sparked the follow-up post where we learn that Kevin was released at a $10,000 bail, and that the preliminary hearing has been scheduled for September 17, at 4:30 PM. [Read more…]

Axl Rose Seriously Pissed at Blogger

Seventeen years in the making, there’s no way that Guns n’ Roses’ perpetually forthcoming album Chinese Democracy will live up to the hype. Frustrated by the wait, blogger Kevin Skwerl who runs Antiquiet, decided to leak nine tracks that he received from an “anonymous source.”

Bad move.

Upon returning to work from lunch, a team of FBI agents “ambushed” the Web scribe and forced him to pull the unauthorized music.

Without a hit since the early 90’s, G n’ R clearly aren’t up to speed on using blogs and the Internet as a vehicle to promote their music.

Axl: Can you just release the darn album already?

As it turns out, Antiquiet is a pretty neat blog. They turned me onto a story I hadn’t heard about. Read more about the rock musician who recently told a fan, “Go back to your mom’s house, you 12-year-old dickless fuc*ing turd!”

Wow. He’s angrier than Axl.