Coca-Cola Launches First Nationwide QR Code Program

Coca-Cola QR Code Program

Coca-Cola QR Code ProgramCoca-Cola has launched their first ever QR code program in support of their beloved polar bear mascot. Fans of Coke are well aware that the Cola Bear shows up every winter and promotes the company’s beverage through the colder months of the year.

For the QR program Coca-Cola has teamed up with the World Wildlife Federation to help raise better understanding about Polar Bear conservation efforts in the Arctic where many Polar Bears reside.

Scanning a QR code which appears on cups located at 7-Eleven stores will allow buyers to download a Snowball Effect by Coca-Cola app for iPhone and iPad platforms. Once connected to Facebook the app turns into a snowball-throwing game.

Along with playing a fun social game users who generate the most points in the game can win some cool prizes including 1-of-8 iPads.

The application also includes a link to the WWF cause page where you can donate money to help with conservation efforts. Coca-Cola for its part says for every $1 raised they will match that donation up to $1 million.  [Read more…]