Authenticity and Transparency in the Same Room

I had the most thrilling and inspiring experience this weekend. I spent my time with over 100 authentic and transparent bloggers — people — talking about what they believe and care about. One rule was the only order of the day – be nice. Talk to each other like people, like friends from whom we might learn, and learn we did.

I kept hearing echoes of The Cluetrain Manifesto.

A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter—and getting smarter faster than most companies.

The people in that room had great brains attached to their hearts. They spoke about their passions. They asked and answered questions. They participated. They conversed.

Oddly enough, I didn’t hear a negative word said. Negatives weren’t needed. Somehow, we knew that negatives require defending, but positives move things forward.

It was sharing.

People can make such progress when they’re not worried about being criticized for their ideas. That’s the power of respect.

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What Gets You Worked Up Enough To Blog About It?


Writing this weekly column for the Blog Herald has been a new challenge for me — I’m not used to blogging “on demand.” On my own blog, Publishing 2.0, I just waiting until something gets me sufficiently worked up that the blog post practically writes itself. Because of that dynamic, I also have a pile of unfinished posts that just petered out — if the momentum runs out, I typically find the post wasn’t worthwhile anyway. I’ve also gone days without posting because nothing got me sufficiently worked up (in the old days they used to call it writers block).

So I had to write this column today, and nothing really topical for the Blog Herald had me stirred — so what to do? Well, for one thing I can raise the core issue of blogging motivation, and ask the pointed question — what gets you worked up enough to blog about it? I can also posit for comments and reaction that the best blogging comes from the gut (although it’s also well informed by the brain).

Beyond that, I’m going to take the liberty of running through a number of brief items that got me worked up today, any one of which could have been a full blown blog post, but the point is to explore what the seed of a good post looks like. So here goes.
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Welcoming Aileen Thompson!

It is our great pleasure to welcome to the Blog Herald another bi-weekly columnist: Aileen Thompson. Aileen will be our specialist “science blogger” bringing us all the latest news and analysis from the world of scientific blogging.

Aileen has more than a quarter century of experience in print media, having made the transitions from lead type to computer photo-typesetting to “user friendly” when Apple took over the industry in the early 1980s. She has been a graphic artist and reporter, editor and writer for newspapers, newsletters, magazines and special events periodicals in several states. [Read more…]

The Wonderful World of Science Blogging


It takes a fast mind and quick clicking finger just to keep up with the onrush of interesting, informative blogs these days.

My interests include science, and there are a host of blogs out there talking about amazing phenomena and fantastic discoveries enough to satisfy the most voracious curiosity. Many of them are written by real, honest-to-goodness scientists, making science blogs one of the most fun ways to keep up with research. Even better, the added attraction of commentary to the blogs allows both direct interaction with the scientist and sometimes a rare glimpse into how conclusions can often be hotly debated within the scientific community itself.

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From the Real World to the Real World In the Company of Bloggers


When I came to blogging, I was from publishing. I had the skill set. I thought having a blog would a perfect place to keep up my discipline as a writer. Maybe at the same time, I could build a place where people might get away from cell phones in elevators. Cell phones on airplanes and in elevators bother me. The conversations they allow steal my brain space and make me invisible while someone talks about a cat named, “Fluffy”,that I can’t bring myself to care about.
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Trimming Down the Author List

The Blog Herald has changed ownership a couple of times, and with each change of hands, a new set of editors, columnists and contributors comes in. You can therefore expect the list of authors to be quite long–in fact, it was becoming longer than any item on the blog’s footer. We therefore decided to trim down the list to the current set of contributors. This includes new ones, those who stayed on from the previous batch, as well as previous editors Matt and Duncan.

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The Blog Herald Welcomes Andy Merrett

The Blog Herald is pleased to introduce another new member of the team: Andy Merrett. We met Andy through the Blue Fish Network, which J. Angelo has been part of since last year.

Andy has been blogging for nearly 3 years and started blogging professionally full-time in July of 2006. He writes for several of Shiny Media‘s blogs, including Tech Digest and HDTVUK, as well as his own blogs. Andy also runs the Blue Fish Network group of independent web sites. His main areas of interest and expertise are technology, Internet trends, music, relationships, and blogging, particularly with a UK focus. Before becoming a full-time blogger, he had a number of IT jobs in both the charity and commercial sector. [Read more…]

Liz Strauss Joins the Blog Herald!

In our cavalcade of bloggers we’re introducing this week, I am thrilled to introduce a blogger who is possibly the nicest and classiest blogger I have ever met. But in addition to her popular “successful” blog, this blogger brings credentials! She has worked over 20 years in print, software, and online publishing. Furthermore, as VP and Publisher for an American textbook company, she developed products and strategic plans with publishers in Europe, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. This “successful” blogger blogs about communicatoins, writing, and what makes your blog “successful”. Of course, I am referring to the one and only, Liz Strauss from!

Liz will be joining the rest of our blogger family as another weekly columnist, and kicks her run with us on a topic that most bloggers know about — transparency and authenticity.

Welcome aboard Liz. The Blog Herald is lucky to have you! :)

Authenticity and Transparency in the Real World


Authenticity. Transparency.

Authenticity and transparency are the reason I love blogging. They are what connected me. They make me strong, brave, and vulnerable. They are the power of the truth. Nothing can undercut, overwrite, argue down what I say, if I write in my own authentic, transparent voice from the truth I know. I am safe and I am able to add something valuable. [Read more…]