PayPerPost Regains Its Integrity (Requires Disclosure)

Despite their attempts at pioneering a new way for bloggers to generate some extra cash, PayPerPost has probably been the most controversial way of doing so. Previously PayPerPost did not require bloggers to inform their audience that they were being paid for reviews, which called into question the company’s lack of integrity as well as the bloggers using the system.

But with similar (and more honest) companies such as ReviewMe entering the field, it seems as if PayPerPost is alerting bloggers via email that they are now required to provide disclosure on their web pages.
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B5 and Duncan – What Happened?

So Duncan Riley, former founder and owner of this here very Blog Herald, has departed b5media – just like that, taking the blogosphere by complete surprise.

It’s more surprising that it came so soon after they received funding.

What happened?
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From Blogging to Information Publishing

2006 is the year that blogging basically grew up … in a business and monetization sense.

Those who started blogging in 2004 and 2005 and have stuck with it are more savvy than ever in monetizing their blog(s). Apart from AdSense there are many ways one can make money from their blogs – for me Text Links Ads has been a real winner this year – a stand-out performer.

Those new to blogging have never had it better with the ways on offer to make money.

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Another Opinion on Mike’s TechCrunch

I’m a fan of TechCrunch and Mike Arrington and what he has created from nothing.

In a relatively short time he has developed a very strong readership and with that some serious influence in the whole web 2.0 genre.

So it’s obvious that getting written up on TechCrunch is on top of every new startups list. But I just have to laugh when startups whip up a press release and fire it off to TechCrunch and expect, yes expect, it to be covered. When it doesn’t they get cranky and usually start mouthing off.

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Will You Take the Blog Honor Pledge?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion lately about blogging for money – in particular with opportunities like PayPerPost and the like coming onto the scene.

The arguments from both sides has been strong on this issue. There are those who don’t see anything wrong with it and then there are those that see it’s corrupting influences.

I’m of the later. Why?

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Are we about to see Blog Networks 2.0?

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

Instablogs, the New Delhi-based blog network, recently celebrated their 1st birthday.

But apart from the usual fanfare came the announcement that they’re well on their way to taking their blog network in a new direction.

With Instablogs 2.0 – The Next Generation Blog Network they have a vision of “bringing bloggers and readers closer,” focusing on the current excitement over social media/networking.

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Reflections on the week that was

Martin Neumann reflects on the week that was

My weekly column this week over at The Blog Herald caused a minor flare up. I said my piece and let it go from there. It was a good eye-opener, though. Lots of comments and feedback – emails!!! Extreme is all I will say to those emails. ;). To those who may or may not have jumped up my span quotient up by 750% as of this morning – thanks! Much appreciated.

I get some grief about columns at the Blog Herald from time to time – and that’s good, because it tells me that people are reading and getting riled up – which is part of what I love about the blogosphere. But what most folks don’t realize is that I don’t tell the columnists, or really any blogger here at The Blog Herald, what to write about.

They write about whatever they want – whenever they want. And I think that’s flat-out awesome.

In fact, unless they leave a column in draft format here, I don’t even get to read their columns or posts in advance.

I love suprises…

9rules: jealous, petty, snarky or lost?

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

I just finished listening to the recent Blog Herald podcast – an interview with Duncan Riley, fellow Aussie and co-owner of b5media, the blog network that recently recieved $2million in VC funding.

The reception to the news last week was overall positive except from one section of the b’sphere: 9Rules.

Mike Rundle posted and commented seeing fit to take cheap shots at b5 – reasons unknown.

Well yesterday, b5 had their chance to respond via the Duncan Riley interview here.

Firstly, Duncan – it’s 9Rules not 9Fools. :-)

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PimpYourPosts with PayPerPost

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

Now when it comes to making money online I’m no naysayer on every new idea that comes to the surface. I’m not one of those “Oh, man … the blogosphere should be free of the evil money.” Bah! Let’s get over it: You want to make money, I want to make money … heck, we all want to make money.

Fine. So we got that out of the way. We’re here to write and blog AND make money. The problem is that we’re still trying to figure out a way to make it all work.

But there’s one exception to my “lets all make money” rule: PayPerPost.

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