Serious Bloggers Need A Dedicated Internet Connection

Comcast for Internet and Cable

Comcast for Internet and CableI’m a pretty serious blogger. I currently run 20 websites, many of which receive hundreds of thousands of pageviews. A few years back I was running my fledgling business out of my living room and everything was just fine.

One day I realized I was spending a lot of time moving around files from my home business computer to my server. As gigabits flew from one location to another and I streamed Netflix to my big screen TV I realized my productivity was taking a hit.

If you are like me and you have a wife or husband and maybe a few kids at home you understand how a connected culture can slow your productivity. One kid is watching hilarious YouTube videos, another is watching a Vudu movie and your spouse is watching Netflix. In the meantime you are attempting to use your 20Mbps connection with very little success because multiple smartphones, TVs, tablets, and other devices are hogging a portion of your available bandwidth. [Read more…]