Top Five Tips to Get on Popular Bloggers’ Radar

Popular Bloggers

Popular Bloggers

Popular bloggers can be a great inspiration, and good people to learn from. They have built a successful business around a typically simple idea, and have an active community of loyal supporters. Getting on the radar of anyone with some sort of notoriety, is no easy task. The reality is, most people completely blow it. They try too hard, come off as a stalker, or maybe ask for way too many favors..

Now, you might be thinking: why should I care about getting on the radar of popular bloggers? Well, first things first, you do not have to be interested. However, if you are active in the blogging world, and understand the value of networking, it can open doors to new opportunities. You can get access to their audience through opportunities like guest posting, for example. Most importantly though, you can forge a new relationship, which in of itself can be priceless.

Stop Being Generic

Every blog has its generic comments. “Great thoughts!,” “Really enjoyed this post!,” “Thanks for sharing!,” and the list goes on. These comments do nothing more than to serve as filler. They do not really add any value to the discussion, and do not drive discussion. To really stand out, move beyond the generic, and truly give your two cents. Also, do not be afraid to disagree. Disagreeing is a good thing, and makes conversations a heck of a lot more interesting. [Read more…]

Interview with Patrick O’Keefe, Author of Managing Online Forums

Is there a difference between building a community versus building an audience? If so, what are they?

They can be the same thing. A community is an audience. Some would grasp tightly to the idea that an audience watches and doesn’t contribute or interact, but that isn’t really true. Performers interact with audiences all the time. With my hosting of Soda Tasting, I’m building an audience, but I’m also building a community. It really can mean the same thing.

That said, if you wanted to draw a firm line, you could say that when you are the primary “performer,” you are building an audience. But if you are cultivating interactions between others, more so than interactions with you specifically, you are closer to building a more traditional community.

All communities, big or small, have that feeling of connection, and being part of something bigger. How do you foster that connection?

It helps to have a focus, to understand why you exist and who you exist to serve. What’s your goal? Who do you want to be? When I started, we had a simple goal, which was to be a martial arts community that was work friendly (generally family friendly) where respect was very important. That goal has informed everything that we’ve done and 12 years later, the result is a community I am very proud of, where people speak to each other in a way that is incredible to watch and easy to appreciate. [Read more…]

Four Steps to Build a Community on Your Blog

Build a community

Build a community

Everyone wants to build a community on their blog, but many sadly fail. Maybe they’re attracting the wrong readers, and maybe they’re simply too focused on me, me, me. There are many different variables, but we first need to look at the difference between an audience, and a community. An audience is a group of people who may follow you, and (hopefully) enjoy what you have to say. A community is a group of people that not only follow you, but they have a larger interest, and are your most dedicated supporters.

When it comes to blogging, you want dedicated supporters, not just window shoppers. With anything, building something of value takes time. You cannot expect to build a community overnight, and you’ll be lucky to build one in mere months. However, the payoff is well worth it, and this community can follow you even if you completely change careers. [Read more…]

Exploring Social Media: LeVar Burton Passionate About Social Media

LeVar Burton's new blog


I recently joined a social networking site called Twitter. The reason that I joined is simple. However the reason that I have stayed and made a conscious decision to become as Twitterer myself, is what has led me to this BLOG.

…After lurking for a while (not in a creepy context, simply observing) it occurred to me that I had encountered in Twitter a bona fide community of individuals bound together by common interests and occasionally, ideals….

I feel like I have found part of my tribe in my online community, my Tweeple, so to speak. It is my intention, in the days and weeks to come, to lean on my online tribe for the kind of support, advice, and good humor that any man can expect from one’s community…

For those seeking to understand the pull social media sites like has, the first blog post by LeVar Burton on his new blog summed it up. [Read more…]