Twitter Growth Graph Not So Impressive Anymore

It seems as if Twitter hit one of those famous big steps in traffic, the increase has halted to a mere 1% up, says Compete, who also thinks that this means that Twitter clocks in at 19.7 million visitors. That’s a whole lotta twittering going on. I wonder when we’ll get some stats on how many users are actually using Twitter, since these things only track the web visitors, and I rarely load up myself, preferring Tweetie and similar stand alone applications.

Mashable The New Tech Blog #1, Passes TechCrunch

Is this news? Not really, but I find it interesting to see that Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Mashable now has passed TechCrunch, according to Complete with graph and everything. But is traffic everything? Of course not, new startups still dream of being featured on TechCrunch, and I bet they’d still prefer that to Mashable. Actually, I think the two blogs are so different that the whole comparison is a bit flawed.

But again, isn’t it interesting that a third blog (SAI) is comparing two other blogs to each other, and writes about it? Almost makes the blogosphere echo chamber debate seem motivated again.