Should You Blog Anonymously?

Anonymous attacking Facebook April 6

should you blog anonymously? For whatever reason someone has to write a blog, the subject or topics may be controversial or the blogger wants their content to speak for itself. Other bloggers are concerned for their own safety, and don’t want online users to be able to access their private information offline. For these reasons, many bloggers have preferred to keep their name and identity a secret. Should you keep your identity a secret on your blog? There are several benefits and drawbacks to blogging anonymously, such as: [Read more…]

Allegation: Medical students “tweeting and blogging patient details”

In the latest potential scandal surrounding the use and misuse of social networks, Switched echoes a report from Fox News (I know) which suggests that medical students are tweeting and blogging confidential patient details.

In a survey (which we all know is a really accurate way of finding out the truth…) Fox News discovered school deans who said they knew of students posting “unprofessional content” online.


Dr. Katherine Chretien of the Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center, told Fox News that the real problem is that most medical schools lack guidelines on what’s acceptable for students to post online.

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