BT launches Tradespace package including blogging and podcasts

With yesterday’s news that UK small businesses are taking up blogging to promote themselves and interact with customers, British Telecom are jumping on the bandwagon with the launch of their Tradespace service.

Hoping to appeal to 90% of UK businesses with less than 50 employees, the service offers unlimited blogging, two podcasts, five photos, and a single community hub. There’s also a paid option which, for £15 (about US$30) per month, offers more features including Click to Call and SMS capabilities. As this is a new service, other details are a bit sparse at present.

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UK small businesses adopt blogging, RSS, and DIY marketing

1&1 Internet, a UK Internet hosting company, has released figures suggesting that British small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to DIY-style online marketing techniques, including blogging, RSS, and search engine marketing.

Considering just 1&1’s business customers, over 1,300 new business blogs have been created each month since December 2006.

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Dell enters Chinese blogosphere

Dell announced the launch of Direct2Dell Chinese, becoming the first computer systems company to open a corporate blog in Chinese. The new blog was announced on the eve of Michael Dell’s latest visit to China.

“By listening directly to Chinese customers through digital-community tools and networks, Dell can deliver better, more customized products and a superior experience,” said Michael Dell. About one-fifth of the world’s population speaks Chinese.

At Direct2Dell Chinese, bloggers from Dell management, engineering, customer care and sales will blog about products and services, discuss IT trends, share work and life experiences, and listen to customers’ feedback. Readers are encouraged to suggest topics and leave comments to interact with Dell bloggers.

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Bloggers: An invaluable communications channel

If you’re a blogger with a decent readership and a prominent search engine ranking, you’ve probably encountered someone like me. Someone who sends you emails asking you to write something nice about one of my clients.

If you’ve got a huge readership you probably get a truck load of these requests.


PRs already have access to huge databases (formal and informal) of pretty much all the media in their country/market that could write about the client. Most of them have to speak with the media and have good relationships with them as well.

Why would they want or need to go to the trouble of finding a blog like yours, reading it for an hour or so, finding your contact details and then “pitching you” on their client?
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UK’s Top Shop online store gets 5% of total visitors from its MySpace presence

Popular British high street and online fasion retailer got five per cent of its visitors directly from its MySpace profile page last year, making it the number two source of traffic, according to a report at BizReport.

That’s up five times on the previous year, and double the traffic received from MSN and Yahoo searches combined.

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USA Today taps Pluck SiteLife and BlogBurst

The adoption of social media technology by mainstream media organizations continued as Pluck Corporation announced that USA Today has incorporated Pluck SiteLife and Pluck BlogBurst into its newly redesigned site.

Pluck BlogBurst and SiteLife solutions are designed to help publishers actively engage readers and greatly expand open content offerings to build online audiences. Pluck SiteLife helps publishers solicit audience interaction and gather reactions related to their site content through an integrated social media platform that plugs easily into branded digital properties. Pluck SiteLife includes reader blogs, photo sharing, content ratings, reader comments, personas, forums and more. Pluck BlogBurst is the world’s largest blog syndication network, with more than 3,400 top-tier blogs serving a vast breadth of content to major news outlets, magazines and broadcast networks worldwide. [Read more…]

New European law to make fake reviews and websites illegal

From 31st December, 2007, a new European directive aimed at increasing consumer protection comes into effect. One area it tackles is that of fake blogs (flogs – oh please), web sites, and reviews.

What this means in practice is that it will be against the law for businesses to post reviews of their own products and services, or to set up fake blogs and web sites that purport to be written by an independent member of the public.

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UK consultancy calls for training and HR companies to start blogging

A UK-based learning and development consultancy has called on its peers to begin blogging. Righttrack Consultancy believes, as I’m sure most of us do, that blogs are a vital communication and learning resource and should be exploited.

They say that readers see blogging organisations as being more human, and having a personality, passion, and realism, and that Training and HR (Human Resources) should find the medium ideally suited as individuals are able to interact and share their learning experiences.

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Problogging is both passive & active income

Over at Problogger, Darren answers the question whether blogging for money is a passive income. Though I would generally agree in his approach to discussing the matter, I’d like to present a new angle which I was surprised Darren did not delve into considering he’s one of the founders of the b5media blog network. [Read more…]