Facebook Sues 25 Alleged Typosquatters

Mark Zuckerberg

Have you ever visited ‘facebobk.com’, ‘facemook.com’, ‘wwwfacefook.com’, ‘ffacebook.com’ and ‘faecbook.com’?

Well, Facebook is suing the holders of these domain names and 20 others, accusing them of infringing its trademark.  In its suit, the holders of these domain names were essentially referred to as typosquatters.  This practice relies on  typographical errors or wrong spelling made by Internet users when keying in a website address.  Should a user accidentally enter an incorrect website address, they may be led to an alternative website owned by a cybersquatter.

There are a number of ways in which a typosquatter can benefit from this and among them could be traffic from the wrongly spelled domain name, especially if it’s from a site as Facebook.

But then again, could there actually be a reason to think that suits for typosquatting can actually be nothing more than plain harassment or bullying?

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