5 Best Online Interviews About Blogging You Haven’t Read Yet


As a blogger, it is important that you keep abreast of blogging updates so that you are informed of the best practices and tactics that you should incorporate in your strategy.

Aside from dedicating time to read posts about blogging from trustworthy sites, you can also read up on interviews of the best and top bloggers within your niche.

If you have been doing exactly this to improve your craft, then you need to read the ones featured below to give you a better idea on what blogging is and how more it can be for you.

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Bad News for Theme Designers (or is it?)

Darren Rowse has posted the results of a poll he ran on ProBlogger.net asking the readers who designed their blogs. The results are discouraging for theme designers focusing on doing custom work. Only 8% of the ProBlogger.net readers answering the poll (there was 2 513 of them by the way) had paid for a custom design, whereas 13% had paid for a premium theme. Most people run a free theme. Check out the full results.

So 8% of 2 513 people, that’s just over 200 potential clients for someone like me, although the poll doesn’t state how much these people actually paid for their custom theme. On the other hand, let’s say I do two themes per month, then I don’t need more than 24 clients each year, and some clients are recurring ones (obviously). It would be interesting to know what people who do buy custom themes are paying at an average, wouldn’t it?

What kind of theme are you running on your blog?

Darren Rowse Launches Personal Blog

When Darren Rowse does something, people tend to listen. Just recently he launched the @ProBloggerDeals Twitter account, as a spinoff to ProBlogger.net which he is most famous for. He details these two new products in a post on ProBlogger.net, but you can just as well read the DarrenRowse.com launch post, and check it out for yourself.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll blog about or how often I’ll post – but whatever it ends up being it’ll be more of a glimpse into what I’m thinking and feeling passionate.

ProBlogger.net Branches Out, Launches Deal Account On Twitter

ProBlogger.net is launching a blog deals account on Twitter, to pass out coupon codes, discounts, special offers and more. Darren Rowse explains his decision to launch @ProBloggerDeals on Twitter like this:

I’d love to promote everything on ProBlogger but the reality is that ProBlogger.net is a blog that focuses more upon tips on how to blog rather than a blog about products or tools for bloggers.

It’s an account for promotional tweets only, and some of the links on it will be affiliate ones. Rowse is open about that, naturally, and you should be aware of it too. That being said, when he claims he’ll stick to promotions for good stuff, I tend to believe him. After all, Rowse has a great reputation.

Read more about the account, and follow it on Twitter if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I keep thinking how much more open and fair this sounds than Perez Hilton including promotional tweets in his ad campaigns. But maybe I’m biased.

Darren Rowse Hits 5,000

5,000 posts that is, on popular blogging blog ProBlogger.net. Impressive to say the least. He celebrates this by posting 13 things he learned about successful blogging:

  1. Anticipate Growing Trends
  2. Solve Problems and Meet Needs
  3. Write for YOU
  4. Blog over the Long Term and Blog Regularly
  5. Be Interactive
  6. Be Personal
  7. Go Where People Are Already Gathering
  8. Build Your Brand
  9. Spot and Follow Opportunities
  10. Develop Partnerships
  11. Know Your Goals and Stay Focused
  12. Work Hard
  13. Be Lucky

Naturally, he’s got explanations to them too, so you should head over to ProBlogger.net and pick his brain on this. Congratulations Darren!

Mark Evans Launches Twitterrati

It is obviously fashionable to launch Twitter focused blogs these days, with Darren Rowse’s TwiTip that launched recently (don’t miss the interview!), and now Mark Evans joins the fray with Twitterrati. He describes it like this in a launch post on his blog:

Twitterrati is going to cover the microblogging landscape by looking at what the key players (Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Identi.ca, Plurk, etc.) are doing, the growing number of related tools and services being developed, as well as the trend of microblogging and how it’s being used.

So not just Twitter then, but microblogging in general. Sounds like a plan. Visit Twitterati for more.

Interview: Darren Rowse on TwiTip

TwiTip interview with Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse on TwitterDarren Rowse is frequently mentioned here on the Blog Herald, but it is usually due to his excellent blog ProBlogger. This time, however, it is all about his most recent venture, a blog about microblogging service Twitter. We wrote about the launch of TwiTip previously, and the blog is shaping up nicely, with a steady stream of content, as well as a huge amount of comments.

I was curious to know why Darren elected to launch TwiTip, and there’s no better way to saturate your curiosity than to ask, so I did just that. Read on for more! [Read more…]

Darren Rowse Launches TwiTip

Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger fame, is obviously a bit obsessed with Twitter. So much, in fact, that he has launched a blog called TwiTip, where he offers Twitter tips for beginners, and the rest of us as well I assume. This from the about page:

After looking down my nose at Twitter for a year I decided I’d be in a much better position to critique it if I had used it – so I started to ‘Tweet’ in 2007. Doing so changed my life in a way that was a complete surprise to me.

Check it out if you’re into Twitter, or just curious. Oh, and don’t forget to follow the Blog Herald on Twitter as well. You see, we like it too.