The Death of Michael Jackson: New Media Broke the Story, Old Media OK’d It


The death of pop icon Michael Jackson is dominating the web right now. TMZ broke the story, went down under the strain, but is back up now. Meanwhile, various sites and tweets talk about Twitter getting some fail whales and massive traffic spikes, which isn’t all that surprising after all. The King of Pop has been in the limelight for so long, it is just huge. At a time, the trending topics on Twitter was more or less exclusively dominated by his death, with people forgetting all about Iran for a little while at least.

People rush to Jackson’s Facebook page, currently sporting 880 991 fans, but expect that number to grow tremendously. Facebook overall is performing sluggishly now, possibly due to the artist’s death. It will be interesting to follow up on traffic spikes and surges later on. [Read more…]

Death of Blogger Makes International News

Bloggers are a dime a doze, and when it comes to mainstream media, most of us are not even a blip on the radar. However, the death of
Hadeel Alhodaif, a 25-year-old female Saudi blogger, is capturing international headlines.

Her Arabic-language blog, “Heaven’s Steps,” will be missed.

Alhodaif, who fell into a coma several weeks ago, is being priased for her work to fight for free media in the restrictive kingdom. She was one of the few online writers living under a restrictive governement who was unafraid to blog using her real name.

“I would like to educate Saudi women about the importance of blogging as an efficient medium that can greatly influence public opinion,” she said during a recent presentation.

Leading Middle Eastern bloggers, who write against the law, are able to achieve cult status – perhaps more easily than their democratic counterparts. Hadeel was much more than a blogger, and the blogosphere will miss her.

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