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October 23, 2010

Here’s One Foursquare Badge You May Get, But Will Never Truly Deserve

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Doug Wheelock Foursquare Check-in Message

So here’s an example of outside the box thinking, an Astronaut this week used his Foursquare account to check-in from the International Space Station. For his efforts Doug Wheelock unlocked the “NASA Explorer Badge.”

Okay, so maybe you can get the badge in the future, with plans underway to unlock the badge at NASA related events, but let’s be honest, your NASA badge won’t be even one-tenth as cool as Wheelock’s. Like I said, you might get it, but will you ever really deserve it?

The check-in wasn’t a random act, NASA and Foursquare used the event to announce their new partnership, including a new NASA Foursquare page. By using the page you can check-in at NASA related events and then receiving information about those events, almost like a virtual guide delivered right to your mobile device. read more

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