The Inquisitr Breaks Record, Cuts Costs

Duncan Riley’s news site The Inquisitr continues to grow, this time setting a new monthly record in pageviews (2,315,920 if you want to know). As usual, Duncan is pretty open about it in a blog post. However, The Inquisitr is also a good example of how the economic situation is hitting sites leaning on ads. Duncan has let a writer go, which is the common solution these days.

Going forward we’ve done everything we can to run a lean ship. Our cost base is down, and despite being down a writer the traffic went up. However there are risks ahead. We’ll likely do less traffic this month (we tend to go on two month cycles), and a similar drop in advertising rates will hurt. The only question now is when will the online ad market bottom, and how much further will it fall.

As good an example as any on how online publications are coping with the current financial climate.

Sarah Lacy to Fill Arrington’s Shoes

Michael Arrington is taking a month off after the spit incident and death threats, and probably due to a much needed vacation for the dedicated blogger. Author, blogger, and BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy is filling in for him, which caused Duncan Riley to post a poll on how long she’ll last.

So what is Lacy up against? Well, a snarky commenting crowd for one, and possibly a harsher treatment because of her sex. At least that’s Riley’s opinion, and he should know, being a former TechCrunch writer. On the other hand, I can’t say that Lacy strikes me as a particularly vulnerable person, and she thinks she’ll manage just fine, obviously. One thing’s for certain though, and that is that it’s never easy to step in and do someone else’s job, especially not when it is so focused on personal style and opinions as a blog is.

The Inquisitr Gets Some Australian Recognition

Duncan Riley, the founder of the Blog Herald, now runs The Inquisitr, as you probably well know. And successfully it would seem, at least in the eyes of the folks behind the Australian Startup Index, who lists The Inquisitr at number 7 in the January edition. Duncan blogs about it of course. Congratulations are in order, I believe, so congrats Duncan with crew!

The Inquisitr 6 Months In

Duncan Riley, the founder of the Blog Herald, continues to share his struggles with The Inquisitr. The site is no 6 months old, which means it is getting really interesting to see how it fares.

This from the wrap-up:

I say this every month but it still holds true: we’re not quite there yet, but the outlook is rosy. The notion that it takes 6-9 months to establish a blog would appear to be holding true: we continue to improve in content, engagement and page views.

Check out the full post on Duncan’s blog.

Crikey Blogs to Bring Blogging to the Frontlines in Australia

At least that’s the feeling you get when reading Duncan Riley’s post on Crikey Blogs over at The Inquisitr. He reckons the Australian blogosphere is some 5 years behind the US, which is interesting.

The network brings together some of Australia’s leading political blogs, including PollBludger and former Senator Andrew Bartlett under the one roof. The Crikey blog network is live now, but I understand that other blogs are to follow, including some leading Australian blogs in excess of 1 million page views a month.

They manage this by buying existing blogs, rather than just recruit bloggers and build from the ground up. The actual blog network is powered by WordPress MU, which the WordPress Publisher Blog gladly points out.

Crikey is an independent online media service, according to their own words, which costs money. You can read more about it here.

Duncan Riley reflects on three months of The Inquisitr

Three months into his new operation, Duncan Riley takes some time to reflect on the progress of The Inquisitr:

The good news is a couple of weeks into the 3rd month that our traffic is through the roof. We’d had 2 solid weeks leading to the last couple of days, a couple of 5 figure days in terms of traffic, but the better news was even the quiet days were twice the size they were even a month back. Then there was bigfoot. I’m still waiting on the final stats for the second day of Bigfoot traffic, but it’s likely 2 days of 100k+. I’m also still waiting on the latest RSS sub rates as I post this, but we put on a solid 500+ additional subscribers on the main feed the first day of the surge, and hopefully something close the second day.

For a newish site, I think The Inquisitr is doing just fine… can’t wait to look back on this in a year and see where things stand…

Duncan Riley Interviewed Over at BloggerTalks

The founder of The Blog Herald, one Duncan Riley, also known from TechCrunch, b5media, and his current project The Inquisitr, is interviewed over at BloggerTalks. The interview tackles his clash with Michael Arrington, how The Inquisitr was built on a premium WordPress theme, and his views on the development of The Blog Herald – this very site. That last one was asked by yours truly with some trepidation, I must confess.

Check out the interview if you’re interested in Duncan’s views on launching a site, tackling blogging with a personal life, and more.

Disclosure: I own BloggerTalks and did the interview.

Duncan Riley introduces

Duncan Riley, formerly the owner of The Blog Herald and a former writer at TechCrunch, has launched a new site for his growing Inquisitr family at Inquisitr iQ.

Duncan writes:

The site launches with three pages, a front page that offers a summary to some of the best news blogs in the 2.0 space (and the Inquisitr of course, but I’m allowed to put my own link in). The second page offers a summary of the best news in the blogging world, an early passion of mine. The third page is a summary of all the major meme trackers, so users can quickly glance at what’s hot across the web.

The original idea was to do more pages, and in future weeks and months I will roll out more.

The site is inspired, of course, by tools like Popurls – but Duncan’s has a nice look & feel – and the selection of sites is much more inspired than those of his competitor.