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August 8, 2013

How to Keep WordPress Locked Down with Duo Security

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Duo Security

WordPress blogs are one of many targets for hackers, and with so many people making simple mistakes, it becomes clear why. There are many ways of protecting your blog, and we’ve outlined five mistakes you might be making. While using a stronger password or keeping your plugins and theme updated tend to be common advice, you can take additional measures. In fact, you can ensure that absolutely no one, even if they were to get your password, will ever be able to access your blog.

Two-factor authentication is a wonderful thing, and was first used in the workplace to protect sensitive data. Nowadays, companies like Google or Microsoft offer the functionality, and all that’s required is a mobile phone. How it works is when you go to login someplace, and have two-factor authentication enabled, you are required to enter a special pin. For example, Google has its “Authenticator” app which you fire up to see the special pin, or you can opt to receive a text message or phone call instead. A special pin isn’t always required, and Twitter recently implemented its own solution which involves approving a trusted device. read more

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