How To Write Comments


Commenting is often an important part of being visible on the internet. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a popular blog or a profitable online business, you still need to find a way to get people back to your site or blog.

There are many techniques to do that, some work better for bloggers, and some for online business owners. Even though the goals are different, commenting can boost your popularity and expertise in general if you do it often enough.

However, only because you’re doing something often doesn’t make you good at it. And when it comes to commenting, there’s one important thing everyone should focus on … that is not looking like a spammer.

This may sound obvious to you. I mean, you’re probably not a spammer and you only submit comments when you actually have something to say, so you might think that this post doesn’t concern you. However, are you 100% sure? [Read more…]

Newsletters on Blogs, Annoying or Open-minded?

Oh my. David Peralty of XFEP is annoyed with e-mail newsletters that are just rehashes of the RSS feed. I publish one of those myself, and without the “special notes” David mentions, using Feedburner. David says:

You should be happy that I subscribe to your RSS feed rather than punish me by making me get the same information two different ways so that you look like you have twice as many subscribers.

Agreed, and some blogs most certainly push newsletters for no reason other than to pimp the subscriber count, like David reasons. However, there’s another thing to take into consideration. If you don’t push your e-mail newsletter, how will the RSS un-savvy of your readership subscribe to your blog? [Read more…]