Make Money With Your Blog…Without Ads?


Success web advertisement concept

For bloggers, ads are a godsend. These help bloggers earn from the diligence and hard work they put in every post they craft and publish.

For users, ads suck. They disrupt the viewing experience and provide little value to the content they visited to read.

As a blogger, you need to reconcile both schools of thought to build a financially sustainable blog without pissing off your readers.

As far as making money with your blog is concerned, we’ve discussed how to monetize your personal blog and how to use contextual ad networks to make money.

But is there such a way to earn from your blog without relying on ads?

A quick look at sites like CopyBlogger and The Daily Dish would show you that it is possible. Both don’t boast ads but generate enough profit to provide their target audiences with business solutions and irresistible content.

If you want to take the ad-less route and keep the cool factor of your blog intact, here’s what you need to do:

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Paul Scrivens And The Pimp Book


Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens is perhaps best known for being one of the triad behind 9rules. If you thought that running the popular blog networks was all that the 9rulers did, you either didn’t pay attention, or you just don’t care. Either way, the guy known as Scrivs has plans, and they include an ebook on women as well as establishing brands online.

The ebook is called The Guidelines Vol. 1 and is released under the Forever : Pimp brand. While that might or might not excite you, the pre-ordering concept probably will. In true Radiohead manner, you pick your price. Or almost at least, you can pre-order the book, which will cost $29.95 on May 19, for as little as $5, or as much as $50 (which includes a t-shirt). I like this price structure, and naturally I got in touch with Scrivs to talk a little bit about his plans. [Read more…]