How Can You Increase eCommerce Conversions In A Competitive Industry

Increase eCommerce Conversions

For those of you running an online store, the summer season is one of your favorite times of the year. However, in a competitive industry like clothing, there are thousands of other online stores vying for consumer attention, and some of them have a better stock in terms of quality/range than your store.

Despite the increase in competition in eCommerce space each year, there is always an opportunity to improve by focusing on increasing your conversions. This is essential if you want to improve revenue this financial year.

What often prevents online store owners from concentrating on the conversion metric is that improving it is time consuming, challenging, and complex. In reality, however, you can significantly increase conversions by making a few tweaks to your website and adding some features, such as the following: [Read more…]

Practical Tips on Selecting Payment Options for eCommerce Sites

payment options

So you have an eCommerce site. You have great products to sell, and you know how to run a business. There are many factors to consider, and you’ve got them all covered.


One thing that many eCommerce business owners are concerned with are payment options. This aspect of online stores can be problematic because of the very nature of the business: online shopping has to be able to offer customers different ways of paying for their purchases. Otherwise, your online store might lose business. [Read more…]

15 Functional e-Commerce WordPress Blogging Themes to Start Raking in the Sales

WordPress is not just for blogging but is a powerful platform for achieving any imaginable goal online. The business of blogging is evolving and if you do not yet have a plan of action for monetizing your blog beyond advertising, now is the time to start thinking outside the box. Start running your blog like a business offering real services and products. The accumulated content on your blog is of greater value than you could imagine and brainstorming a little with content you’ve published so far, you’ll find opportunities to create information products or showcase products in your niche of which you could even benefit from affiliate sales. e-Commerce WordPress Theme Here are examples of 15 e-Commerce WordPress templates to get your creative juices flowing. [Read more…]

API Development: How Important Are Terms of Service to Development?




With APIs, ecommerce has become a new focus of the Silicon tech elite. But any venture requires a terms of service, which can hurt or help the relationship. If the terms appear too flimsy or the reputation of the site is not good, the terms might not lend credibility to the platform.

Think carefully before deploying changes to the terms, and as a developer, carefully review terms before your idea is yanked out from under your feet. [Read more…]

Ecommerce web design – understanding what it takes





There are different elements involved in the creation and development of anything that you wish to present to a target audience and ecommerce web design is no exception. Understanding them holistically as well as in some detail will help you provide inputs to your web designer. Should you want to do it yourself, this knowledge will be pretty handy to have.

Let us look at some of the main elements. [Read more…] e-commerce site launches blogs

European e-commerce web site has announced the launch of UK and Italian blogs, aimed to offer a more direct line of contact with its seven million strong membership base and increasing transparency.

The press release suggests that the blog “reveals all the secrets behind the website: how it works, tricks of the trade, the latest news, new projects, prizes awarded, the professional teams… In a nutshell, everything that goes on behind the scenes.” [Read more…]

IRS Wants eBay to Disclose User Earnings For Tax Purposes

Nate Anderson of Arstechnica reports that the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is planning to require auction site eBay to disclose how much money its individual sellers make in a year. This is to ensure that those who make significant amounts of money off eBay transactions correctly report these in their tax statements, and therefore pay the corresponding income taxes. Government estimates that this move will rake in as much as $2 billion annually–not a paltry amount. [Read more…]