WordPress Wednesday: Mandatory Update Reminder, WordCamp2007, Instant Upgrade Plugin, SxSW Conference, and More

WordPress Wednesday News

The first announcement of WordCamp2007 has been made and all are eagerly awaiting details on the second annual WordPress conference and meetup. There is a new WordPress Plugin called “InstantUpgrade” which purports to make upgrading your WordPress blog fast and easy. The SxSW Conference is in full swing with WordPress fans and members flooding Austin, Texas. And if you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, this is your red alert reminder. [Read more…]



In an effort to diversify and partly because I am writing this from a plane while in route to Austin, I have decided to expand my social media column. In less than 48 hours the SXSW festival will kickoff in Austin.

In many ways SXSW is positioned well within the festival season. It is held between Sundance and Tribeca. But what really sets SXSW apart is its collision of film, music and interactivity. It is three festivals that happen within a span of two weeks.

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Canada joins web conversation with mesh

People are talking about the web everywhere. In Geneva there’s LIFT, Paris has Les Blogs, New York boasts of BlogOn, and so on and so forth. Canada will also have one on May 30 and 31st this year called mesh (Canada’s web conference). It “officially” makes Canada part of the Web 2.0 converation.

The conference was founded by Mark Evans, Mathew Ingram, Mike McDerment, Rob Hyndman, and Stuart MacDonald. Obviously, what bonded them together was their enthusiasm for the web and all the next-generation things happening around.

Joining these founders on May 30 are: Richard Edelman (Edelman), Jim Buckmaster (Craigslist), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Tom Williams (Givemeaning.com), and Austin Hill (Project Ojibwe).

Visit the mesh official website for details on how you can join these leading minds in two days of converstaion.

Coming Soon: PodCamp West

PodCamp West is free conference for anyone interested in blogging, podcasting and video blogging (or video podcasting). All you have to do to go to the conference is to register (free of charge) and be prepared to share ideas and learn from the wisdom of others.

Event Info
San Francisco
When: 18-19 November, 2006
Timing: 12 PM – 6 PM
Days: Saturday and Sunday
Venue: Swedish American Hall
Map: Click here
Address: 2174 Market St. San Francisco, CA

Click here to register and read more.

Interesting Local Events in Baltimore

Why does this interest anyone but me? It probably doesn’t, but yet who knows who will read these things and be tantalized to explore further into the upcoming.org database of events. Upcoming.org is so underutilized outside of the Bay Area and it’s a shame. Several events I’ve heard about locally here in Baltimore could recieve better visibility if the mainstream caught on to some of the Web 2.0 tools.

  • The Flickr Show at Hampdenfest – September 16. A localized big event, Hampdenfest, which celebrates all things Baltimore in the same fashion that Artscape dominates the local Baltimore art scene, Flickr photographers will be sharing their Baltimore photography for all to see.
  • Balticon 41 – May 25-28, 2007. Though well in advance, this interesting science fiction festival attracts all kinds of bizarrities and is a central icon in the odd Baltimore landscape every year.
  • The Underground Online Seminar – March, 2007. I’m told that the man putting this thing on, Yanik Silver, is really very good though I can’t for the life of me figure out how much this event costs. It is being hosted in Washington, D.C.
  • New Technology Seminar with Khoi Vinh – September 21. Khoi is, of course, the director of design for NYTimes.com and runs his own blog at Subtraction.com.

So what can you find interesting in Upcoming.org or other events happening in your locality?