“Become an online expert” and “generate a nice side-income” (in the clouds maybe)

I do wonder at articles on blogs that promise easy money from blogging for a very small outlay in money and time. In fact, it makes me pretty cross.

The latest version nestles itself in an article on “how to make more money by spending it”, and suggests that you can “become an online expert” by “setting up your own blog” and “generating a nice side-income online”:

It costs between $20 and $80 to set up and host a website for a year, and you can make that amount back a few times over if you educate yourself on blogging. Just as some food for thought; John Chow earns more than $30.000 a month from his blog at this point.

No pressure then. Obviously because it’s so easy to do, that’s a realistic goal for everyone to try to achieve, right? [Read more…]