Facebook Kills Off Educational Accounts Created By University Librarian, Cites TOS Violation

Joe McDonald Fake Facebook Page

Joe McDonald Fake Facebook Page

Two years ago Donnelyn Curtis, a librarian at the University of Nevada set up profiles for Joe McDonald (deceased 1971) and his wife Leola Lewis and now after using the accounts for educational purposes they have been shut down by Facebook.

Curtis hadn’t really started to update the accounts until recently when the account went from approximately 100 followers who were mostly friends to over 1,000 people.

According to Curtis when she logged in recently she was met with an automated message from Facebook explaining that creating an account for someone other than herself violated the social networks terms of service.

It’s a pretty common theme for Facebook to kill accounts that don’t appear to be real, however the fact that it took the social network two years to kill off the account is surprising. [Read more…]