Zynga Made Up 15% Of Facebook Revenue In Q1 2012

Zynga Facebook Revenue Earnings Q1 2012

Zynga Facebook Revenue Earnings Q1 2012Facebook’s reliance on social gaming company Zynga to drive in massive revenue for the company has actually decreased since 2011 with the company reporting that the social gaming platform made up just 15% of Facebook’s revenue in Q1 2012 compared to 19% in 2011.

Facebook receives 30% of the revenue Zynga draws from the social network by requiring that Zynga use Facebook credits to power its in-app purchasing system. While Zynga created Zynga.com and recently launched the site as an alternative destination for social gamers who do not necessarily want to log into their Facebook accounts, the company continues to use Facebook credits to power that site and users scores are still published through Facebook.com accounts.

The social network also earns money from Zynga as the company uses Facebook.com to market its products to customers. In 2011 Facebook collected 12% of its revenue from Zynga advertisements while Q1 2012 has watched that number fall to 11%. A partial drop in that number comes from the fact that Facebook received only 4% revenue from advertisers spots displayed on Zynga apps, down from 7% in 2011.  [Read more…]

Plink’s Facebook Loyalty Program To Be Tested By Major Chain Stores



Facebook has nearly captured the market for 1 billion social media users so it only makes sense that some of the countries top brands would want to turn that loyalty to the network into a rewards program and that’s exactly what’s happening at Dunkin’ Donuts, Red Robin, Taco Bell and Quiznos.

Those company’s have signed deals with loyalty marketing startup Plink who will announced a new quick-serve brand test for partners on Thursday.

The program works by tracking how much money Facebook users spend at each location and then rewarding them with Facebook Credits which can be used to make in-app purchases in such games as CityVille and FarmVille.

To get started users simply register their credit or debit card at Plink.com and then when they use that specific card at participating locations they receive Facebook credits.  [Read more…]

Facebook Credits, Coming To Walmart And Best Buy Stores Near You

Facebook Credits - Store Shelves

Facebook Credits - Store Shelves

With Facebook Credits already being successfully sold in Target Stores, the social network announced today that Walmart and Best Buy will also begin selling the sites virtual money.

Facebook credits will be available at both locations in denominations of $10, $25 and $50 and can be used anywhere on Facebook where the credits are already accepted, such as within Farmville and Frontierville and to buy virtual gifts which can be sent to other Facebook users.

Mashable spoke with a Facebook rep who said:

“As we approach the holiday gift-giving season, we’re happy to expand the availability of Facebook Credits gift cards to Walmart and Best Buy. More than 200 games and applications accept Facebook Credits, giving people a fun, convenient and secure way to buy premium items, and making Credits gift cards a unique gift for the holidays.”

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Buy Online While Earning Facebook Credits, The Newest E-Tailer Incentive

Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits

Online retailers looking to grab more customers as the holiday shopping season arrives have chosen a new type of incentive, Facebook Credits.

According to Mashable, the program has begun with Ifeelgoods an e-commerce promotions firm that allows their current and new clients to integrate the program as an incentive for customers to buy products from their site or perform other actions that can help attract and retain customers.

The program offers a great way for e-tailers to turn potential customers into paying customers. For example, a customer saves an item in the sites online shopping cart, after doing so a message pops up stating “Receive 25 Facebook credits with your purchase.” A site may even choose to up the number of credits for each item added to a cart or based on the overall purchase price.

E-Commerce company’s may also offer incentives for signing up to their e-mail newsletter, for voting with Facebook on products found on their site and for performing other actions that help sell products and get the site noticed. [Read more…]

Asia and Australia Now offering Facebook Credits Through Retail Locations

Facebook Credit Purchase PayPal

Facebook Credit Purchase PayPalMOL, the online micropayment company that also owns Friendster has announced that they are making Facebook Credits available through various outlet locations throughout Asia and Australia.

Facebook Credits can be purchased using MOLPoints, a form of virtual currency which can be purchased in the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Australia and New Zealand. At some locations users will also be able to purchase Facebook Credits without needing to first buy MOLPoints.

Adding to the hype of the new program is the fact that co-branded cards can be purchased and given to other users as gifts.

Prepaid cards are used as a main form of internet purchases in several of the areas in which this program has been rolled out and a Facebook rep told Mashable that the new program will allow them to obtain more “invested users” in Asia, while doing a good job of promoting the social network. [Read more…]