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April 25, 2011

Facebook Adds New Features To “Groups”

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Facebook LogoFacebook on Monday rolled out several updates to their Group feature that makes it easier to share content with small networks.

As part of the updates Administrators for groups now have the option to implement a “new member approval” system, allowing Admins to ensure that groups do not grow larger than they would like to administer.

Also added is the ability to share entire albums with group members, rather than going through photos one by one as was the case with the older Groups setup.

Groups can also now implement the Facebook Questions system which was left off the last update to the Groups system.

Finally a Group Search function has been added to the mix which allows users to perform searches within each group they are participating in, allowing for a much more streamlined option. Users should be aware that this final feature is rolling out to different members throughout the week and may not be available in your account immediately. read more

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