Facebook Users Don’t “Like” Back-To-School Posts [Infographic]

Back To School and Facebook

FB Infographic for back to schoolStudents not only hate going back to school, they outright refuse to share information about products relating to back-to-school sales. A recent study bysocial software companyExpionhas found that back-to-school posts online are shared far less often than other posts in terms of Facebook “likes.”

To reach its conclusion Expion examined 18 of the top department stores, mass merchandisers, pharmacy stores, internet retailers, warehouse stores, and even dollar stores to check out fan reactions to certain types of posts.

While regular sales and other promotions were often shared by fans of the 18 store types, back-to-school posts were liked 79 percent less than just about every other subject.

Researchers examined how many likes each post received based on every 10,000 fans the company has, allowing for an accurate picture of a posts virality.

The study also found that brands shied away from too much back-to-school hype with only 16 percent of their posts focused on back-to-school sales. [Read more…]

Seven Million Facebook Page Likes In 7 Hours: Leo Messi

Leo Messi Facebook Page

Leo Messi Facebook PageUnconvinced that Football (non-American) is the biggest sport in the world? Then take a look at Leo Messi and what he’s managed to do on Facebook, amassing 7 million followers…in just seven hours!

To put that number into perspective, in just seven hours Messi has nearly 25 percent as many followers as Lady Gaga and almost 30% as many followers as reigning Facebook teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

The FC Barcelona player is arguably the best player in the world and opened his page with a simple message which translates into English as:

“Hola! Welcome to everyone. Thank you very much for the great number of messages that I have received. I am so excited! From now on we will be more closely connected … through Facebook.” [Read more…]