Facebook Messenger Aims To Take On Text Messaging, Could Actually Win

Facebook Dedicated Messaging App

Facebook Dedicated Messaging App

Facebook on Tuesday debuted Facebook Messaging, a dedicated mobile platform for iPhone and Android devices that allows users to easily and efficiently communicate with their friends.

The program is a standalone application that allows Facebook users to send text messages between phones, while storing their conversations in a user’s messaging center for easy access both from their smartphone and from their Facebook page.

The program also rolls out group texting, allowing users to choose which Facebook contacts they want to contact while sending all of those users text messages at the same time, a perfect option for a night out on the town, party planning or possibly even for business use while out in the field.

The application was helped along by Facebook’s acquisition of Beluga, a mobile-based company that separated users into “pods” which would share text messages and images.  [Read more…]