Bing Moving Forward With Facebook Photo Search

Bing Social Search For Facebook Photos

Bing Social Search For Facebook PhotosBing has announced new improvements to its Facebook photos search function. The company is improving its user interface and adding support for a slideshow view.

Users who connect their Facebook accounts through Bing’s search service can use the Friends’ Photos feature to find their own photos and photos from their Facebook friends pages.

Bing launched its new Facebook photos search feature in August, adding to Bing’s Social Sidebar feature. The feature is integrated alongside Bing’s standard webpage search results.

Today’s improvements, much like Bing’s original setup, only feature photo returns when a user is friends with a Facebook.
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Bing Search Integrates With Facebook Photos, Adds Better Search Capabilities

Facebook Photo Search Through Bing

Facebook Photo Search Through Bing

Bing and Facebook further integrated their partnership on Thursday. Bing is now capable of allowing users to search Facebook photos for their accounts and friends accounts after authorizing the feature via the Bing app.

When searching the images section on users will now see their results listed in a Pinterest-style layout (pictured above).

Bing takes its Facebook photo searching one step further, added the ability to search for specific keywords that have been added to photo captions or album titles, a feature even Facebook has not integrated on its own platform.  [Read more…]