Facebook Adds Photo Filters To iOS Mobile App

Facebook Photo Filters

Facebook Photo FiltersThe battle of the mobile photo filter apps is under way! Yesterday it was revealed that Twitter was secretly working on an Instagram competitor and now Facebook has launched a filter program of its own.

Fresh off the heels of its Instagram acquisition the world’s largest social media network has delivered photo filters for Facebook mobile users.

The new iOS update adds Instagram-style filters to Facebook photos as users choose to use them. Pictures uploaded to an Apple-powered device are automatically eligible to use the filters.

To use the program users simple choose a photo to upload and then tap the wand icon. 13 different filters are include, among them are:contrast, cool, coffee, neon, b&w. and more. [Read more…]

Facebook Now Protects You From Photos Of Your Ex

Facebook Photo Memories Box

Facebook Photo Memories Box

Have you ever noticed how the Facebook Photo Memories box which shows pictures from your friends past almost always has a knack for popping up pictures of people you use to be in a relationship with? After several Facebook groups popped up protesting the “ex” feature Facebook has decided to fix the issue.

Facebook has announced that they are now using a new algorithm to determine which pictures will be shown.

The algorithm how excludes any people who you have been “in a relationship” with via your Facebook status. Keep in mind, the pictures of those people need to be tagged with their name, otherwise group photos may still show them to you. [Read more…]

Facebook Simplifies The Photo Browsing Experience

New Facebook Albums

New Facebook AlbumsFacebook today revealed a new interface for browsing photos which provides larger photo thumbnails and a single page for photo viewing.

Users in the past could only view 20 photos at a time before clicking on a “next” button which helped keep down page load times, but required more clicking, while different photos sizes for each thumbnail left a less than desired output.

The new albums were in beta testing with select visitors for the last several weeks and now provides no pagination, just scroll down to the bottom of your photos and the new photos will automatically load.

The pictures you see on the new pages also feature  a standardized thumbnail size, leaving a more straightforward and clean output. [Read more…]