MomentFeed Receives $1.2 Million In Funding, Assists Geo-Location Based Advertisers

MomentFeed Dashboard Display

MomentFeed Logo and InfoLocation based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla and even Facebook allow users to check-in at their locations, share information about those places and find where their network of friends are hanging out and now advertisers will be able to take advantage of that information in a more manicured way thanks to MomentFeed and their recent round of funding that has brought the company $1.2 million.

In the most simple of terms MomentFeed allows company’s with more than one location to manage their various location based campaigns with ease. For example Macy’s may offer different specials at all of their stores throughout the United States and now they can examine how those Foursquare or Gowalla campaigns are converting sales for their stores.

The program works by pulling in merchant location data from Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Gowalla and then giving an easy to examine view of check-ins, deals and specific specials by location. The program also offers Factual’s location data so cross-service inquiries can be examined.

By examining how locations are converting using different services a store can adjust their campaigns. For example Macy’s could determine that Facebook Places is converting better at their New York store while their Chicago locations receive more love from Foursquare users, leaving them to adjust their campaigns to whichever platform is acting most favorable for their needs.

The LA-based startup received their new funding round from a handful of investors that include DFJ Frontier, DFJ JAIC, Factual founder Gil Elbaz, Walter Kortschak and Raplead founder Auren Hoffman. [Read more…]

Facebook Rolls Out Event Check-In Capabilities, Other Features For iPhone

Facebook Places Map added for iPhone users

Facebook Places Map added for iPhone usersiPhone users using the official Facebook app now have the option to check in at events around the United States. The upgrade, available on Facebook Version 3.4 was released on Monday morning and also includes a map view for Places option and the ability to unfriend Facebook friends directly from your Apple device.

The event check in function can be found in the “events” section of the application and allows users to check-in at events they are currently attending, plan to attend in the future and those events that are close to the user in terms of proximity. Users can also choose to tag their friends with the check-in should they have Facebook friends at the event with them.

If you’re a fan of Facebook Places you’ll also find the new map view option housed in the “Places Section.” Using the maps users can view check-ins using a standard list view or toggle over to a map view. [Read more…]

Squarespace To Launch iPad App, Court Facebook Places?!

Over the weekend, Anthony Casalena (the founder of  Squarespace) published a post upon the corporate blog announcing that the long awaited iPad app would make its debut over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately after publishing the post, someone in the company placed the article behind a “password wall,” although a Google Cache reveals some rather interesting details regarding Facebook Places (not to mention a few other social location networks).

Foursquare/Gowalla/Facebook Places Integration – We’re expanding our social widgets lineup with a brand new addition over the next 2 weeks. Geolocation widgets will take your feeds from Facebook Places, Foursquare, or Gowalla and display them in typical Squarespace fashion. Fully integrated, customizable, beautiful.

iPad App – You’ve been asking for it since before the iPad came out. Well, we’re happy to say we’re almost done with it. It’s gorgeous, and we think you’re going to love it. For you road warriors, we think this’ll really help in keeping your post frequency up. Look for this within the next 3 weeks as we deal with app store approval. (Official Squarespace Blog | Google Cache)

While the founder also revealed a few other upcoming features (Autosave, redesigning photo galleries, etc.) the inclusion of social location networks is interesting, especially regarding Facebook Places.

After previously rolling out price changes, Squarespace’s embrace of more social networks could help the company create a greater appeal to the masses (although truth be told I know very few bloggers who are comfortable posting their location to the public).

As far as mobile platforms go, there is still no word on whether Squarespace will embrace Android, Blackberry (or even the new Windows Phone 7), although hopefully the company will consider a platform beyond iOS in the not so distant future.

Checking In From A Warzone? Airforce Warns To Avoid Foursquare, Other Services

Afghanistan Military Base Check-in

Afghanistan Military Base Check-in

While it’s true Foursquare has check-in points for camps in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. Air Force is warning their troops that doing so could endanger Foursquare users and their fellow troops.

The U.S. Air Force released a statement on their website telling troops to avoid the use of Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Facebook Places and other location based services.

The statement says:

“careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations security and privacy implications.”

[Read more…]

Facebook Places Makes Its Way To Canada

Facebook Places Location Map

Facebook Places Location MapWith Facebook Places already available in the United States, UK and Japan it’s about time that it finally arrived at the homes of our neighbors to the north.

Facebook Places is now slowly rolling out to Canadian Facebook users, showing up some user streams.  Canada is the fourth country to receive the new option.

The move is a big step forward for Facebook/Canada relations which were strained last year when the Canadian government told the social network that they were violating their countries citizen privacy laws. This time around Facebook Places is “friends only” defaulted with the option to turn off the program completely which should keep officials at bay over increasing privacy concerns. [Read more…]

Facebook Places UK Now Live [Beta]

Facebook Places

Facebook PlacesThat didn’t take long, Facebook Places just recently went live in the U.S. and now the world’s largest social media network has launched the UK portion of their location based service.

Okay, so the program isn’t available to everyone at this time (Facebook is rolling it out to select users for testing), but given how quickly Facebook tends to beta test and then give full roll outs to their products, it’s only a matter of time.

UK users can find the program at and via the official Facebook iPhone App.

Just like the U.S. version of the program users have full control over who they share information with and privacy controls are defaulted to “friends only.” [Read more…]

Facebook Places Debuts For iPhone, iPod Touch Devices

Facebook Places

Facebook PlacesFacebook Places, a new option from the social network that allows users to “check in” to locations, debuted today with a focus on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The application, which became available on Wednesday night allows users to check into any location already in the company’s database, while adding new locations as they are discovered. Facebook users can then discover if any of their friends have checked into the same location, while also tagging their friends who are checking into the same location.

According to Dina Ely at Indyposted, the program is also slated to release for Google Android devices, the Blackberry Torch and the iPad. [Read more…]