Facebook Scam of the Week: Ryan Dunn Clickjacking

Ryan Dunn MTV

Ryan Dunn MTV

Clickjackers tend to find the easiest target and expose it in the name of pageviews and clicks for their scams and this week they have taken to Facebook using Ryan Dunn as their motive. Dunn died this week when he sped off the road in his Porsche at 140MPH while under the influence of alcohol.

The scam artists are using various means to gain clicks from curious Dunn fans, asking users to take surveys to view videos and access other information, the most prevalent clickjacking scheme is a request to view a video of Ryan Dunn’s very last words which requires users to verify their age or other personal information.

Once a user accepts the terms of the clickjacker additional information is then automatically placed on their Facebook page which makes the source look like a “trusted” link from a friend. [Read more…]

This Is How And Where You’re Being Scammed on Facebook

Facebook Infographic - Click Scams

Facebook App ScamsEvery year millions of Facebook users encounter various types of online ad scams, those scams can come in the form of applications that steal user information or through direct click links among other attempts. PC protector BitDefender has taken the time to share with us an infographic that showcases the top 5 Facebook scams and how they target their users.

Among the most interesting facts gathered, 34.7% of all Facebook scams come in the form of “see who’s following you” and other profile traffic insight scams, while 16.2% arrive from social gaming (with the likes of Cityville) and 14.1% come from “shocking images” that entice users to click-through to witness what ends up being some type of malware or other scam.

The graphic also showcases some of the most popular words used in Facebook scams, including (but not limited to): Wow, profile, killed, OMG, stalker, video, busted, stripping, cash, Zynga and pounds. Basically if the word entices you to want more money, lose weight or think in a sexual manner, there’s a chance it could be a scam.

Towards the bottom of the graphic BitDefender also showcases the top five most targeted countries for click traffic scams which includes (in order from highest to lowest): USA, India, UK, Australia then Canada.

Here’s the full Facebook Scam Infographic: [Read more…]

Yet Another Facebook Scam, Watch Out For Free Southwest Flights

Facebook Southwest Flights Scam

Southwest FlightSee that link on your buddy’s Facebook page that offers free Southwest flights? I dare you to click on the link and see what happens. As should be expected nothing is free, especially not airfare which seems to have new prices attached to it everyday. It’s all just another Facebook scam.

After clicking on your buddy’s link the developer of the scam will ask for Facebook account access (pretty typical for apps) and you will then begin seeing messages you didn’t approve posting on your Facebook page.

The scam spreads like wildfire, sending out dozens of spammed comments to your wall and it’s not just clueless internet users who are being duped, heck even Jolie O’Dell over at Mashable fell for the link scam and she writes for the world’s number one social media news reporting website.

Remember the golden rule, if it says free or it seems to go to be true it is, so avoid it!

In the meantime here’s a screenshot so you’ll know what type of link to avoid:

[Read more…]

Facebook Status Updates Used By Burglars To Target Victims

Facebook Status Update Burglars

Facebook Status Update Burglars

This isn’t the first warning about what should and shouldn’t be posted on Facebook, but I find it important to remind Facebook users from time to time that leaving information about what you’re doing as “public status updates” can be dangerous on the social network.

Police in the town of Nashua, N.H. are reporting that 50 homes were targeted in August by a group of criminals who would check the social networking site to find out when people would be away from home, they would then target those homes at specific times. [Read more…]

Facebook Warning: Coca-Cola Ad Scam

Coca Cola

FacebookFacebook users beware! There’s a new Facebook Scam going around for the popular soft drink Coca-Cola.

According to the ad if you click on the included link you can learn the “truth” about Coca-Cola.

The exact message reads:

“I am part of the 98.0% of people that are NEVER gonna drink Coca Cola again after this HORRIFIC video.” which then shows a link to the product. [Read more…]