Racism And Facebook Share The Spotlight In New Study

Facebook and Racism

Facebook and Racism

Facebook’s automated systems and unfortunate choice of words might be directly effecting the perceptions of racism for some users. A new study has found that the social network is finding unexpected ways to spread racist messages.

While we often think of Facebook and racism as something that happens among bigoted commenters, the truth is the network’s user logs reveal a more prevalent problem. The study published in the Computers in Human Behavior examines racism based on how long a user remained logged into the social network.

The study finds that the longer one is logged in, the more a user absorbs negative racist sentiments. Examining more than 600 participants, including 70 percent females, the study asked each user to read three different Facebook “notes” about race. Each of the notes had a different focus.  [Read more…]

Study Reveals: Facebook Emotions Are Contagious

Facebook Emotions

Facebook EmotionsFacebook statics expert Adam Kramer recently conducted a study in which he revealed that the emotions of Facebook users directly effect the emotions of their friends.

Kramer examined approximately 1 million Facebook users and 150 million of their friends and he found that emotions can “spread like wildfire” across a members friends list.

The study also revealed that some words were more powerful than others, for example the words “Happy” and “Hug” can leave your friends with likewise emotions for up to three days. [Read more…]