Buy Zynga Cash With Your American Express Rewards


FarmVilleAmerican Express and social gaming behemoth Zynga have entered into a business partnership that allows Amex customers to buy Zynga cash with their Amex Membership Rewards points.

The customers points can be used for game cards and virtual currency, while Zynga will also offer exclusive virtual goods to AMEX points customers for their products, including the very popular FarmVille social game.

The move is a smart one for Amex, allowing them to push their rewards points out for cheap to acquire virtual goods, while tapping into a customer base of 56 million social gamers in America alone.

While it’s still unseen how many AMEX customers will flock to the virtual goods, the market in 2009 reported more than $2.2 billion in virtual sales, with most of those sales coming from micro-payment company’s such as PayPal and through the use of major credit cards. [Read more…]

Real World Meets Farmville…Again! 310 Million Organic Blueberries Involved

organic blueberries

organic blueberriesThe other day we reported that Farmville had invaded the real world, making their Farmville Bucks available through various Green Giant produce products, today the tables have switched and the real world is invading the social game.

The invasion comes courtesy of Cascadian Farms, an organic Blueberry farm which has watched as 310 million organic blueberries have been planted. To put those numbers into perspective, it took 1 million players purchasing 20 coins each to plant that number of crops.

While Taami Nutz had a brand-sponsored peanut in early 2010, Cascadian Farm is the first to see their logo and brand enter into the FarmVille market. [Read more…]

Farmville Now Available At Your Local Supermarket

Farmville - Real World Farmville Cash

Farmville - Real World Farmville CashThere’s no denying the social reach of FarmVille, the game made popular by 65 million Facebook users, what may surprise some users to learn is that FarmVille has begun invading the real world.

The social network game has begun offering Farmville Cash on select produce throughout 4,000 supermarkets and retail locations nationwide.

On select produce shoppers will find “farm cash”, specifically 5 free farm bucks, that money can then be taken and used for virtual goods throughout the online game. [Read more…]