How to Help Immunize Your Site Against Scraping

Scraping is one of the most annoying things that bloggers have to deal with. It can hurt their search engine ranking, cause confusion among readers and cause them to unwittingly help spammers line their pockets.

Nobody likes being scraped but it seems that some sites are able to survive it relatively unscathed while others are bumped clean out of the search engines, almost instantly replaced by the spammers that take their content.

So how do you ensure that the damage caused by scrapers are kept to an absolute minimum? There is no secret formula, but there are a few tricks that seem to work very well.

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Feedburner Drops Google Subscribers *Again*?

Well, it almost looks like it, as it seems like the numbers are uniformly down, just like 5-6 days ago, when Feedburner’s subscribers had fallen by half.  The reason that was given at the time was that subscribers stats from Google’s Feedfetcher were off line.

Has the same thing happened again?   Many commenters on the same post at Feedburner are wondering the same thing as the numbers seem to be down around 50% again.  More importantly, with these kind of reliability issues the second time in as many days, it does one reflexively wonder what is going on at Feedburner/Google HQ, whether it be security issues, upgrades, or hardware failures or what have you.

Feedburner Glitch Nixes Google Reader Stats … Temporarily

Did you notice your Feedburner subscriber stats drop precipitously today? Perhaps a little more than it does on the weekend? Perhaps by as much as one-half?

If you happened to remember that everyone’s subscriber stats *doubled* about a year ago thanks to Feedburner recognizing Google feeds, you might have wondered if the opposite happened — and you would have been right.

Turns out that Feedburner has had difficulty in recognizing the subscribers from Google’s feedfetcher over the past 24 hours or so, and luckily this has been remedied.

So, for everyone who has enjoyed the extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings, you may rest assured that your numbers will return back to normal, and all has not been a result of over- (or, perhaps, under-) sleeping.

tip: the very-awake-Ryan Coleman