Google’s 1 Gbps Fiber Service Coming To Kansas City & Community, Nowhere Else

Google has finally announced which city it will grace with a 100 times faster than average Fiber Internet connection. The winner? Kansas City, Kansas. This finally puts an end to the year long wait of which lucky city would be visited by Google and graced with the insanely fast 1 Gbps connection.

Of the 1,000 or so cities that applied to be a part of Google’s 1 Gbps Fiber initiative, Kansas City beat them out. Google said the ability to work with local organizations was key in helping the search engine giant spread the wonder of 1 Gbps Fiber Internet. If you don’t live in Kansas City and are tucked in the outskirts of town, don’t worry. While Google has no intention of bringing Fiber services to other cities, it does have an eye on the surrounding communities should Kansas City prove to be a success.

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