Should Twitter Buy Flickr?


A short time ago in a place not so far away (relatively speaking), founder Evan Williams uttered this statement explaining what Twitter is (and why it’s distinct from its rivals).

Twitter is a real-time information network. (via TechCrunch)

Although Twitter is often viewed as one of the first places to visit when breaking news happens around the world, the one thing the company lacks is the ability for users to upload media content directly upon the site (outside of a picture profile or a background image that is).

While this limitation has not stopped users from posting images and video via third party services, the inability to upload media directly to may convince new comers that the service is not worth their time (let alone tweet).

If Twitter wants to thwart the rise of Tumblr and match Facebook’s future growth, they are going to have add media uploads to their road map (and soon).

But instead of reinventing the wheel, Twitter might be a wiser alternative to purchase an established media service like Flickr. [Read more…]

Flickr Gets A Little More Facebook Savvy

Flickr Facebook

Flickr FacebookFlickr photos can now more easily and eloquently be displayed on a users Facebook account, directly on their News Feeds. The connection between both accounts, which can be easily setup by users, allows publically uploaded photos and videos to be auto shared with the users Facebook account.

To turn on the feature simply visit and then click on the “Connect” option.

If you have private photos on Flickr, don’t worry, they won’t be uploaded to your Facebook account, even more promising is the fact that if you set a private photo to “public” status at a later date it will also be shared on your Facebook news feed.

Just remember to turn off the Flickr app via your Facebook account if it’s currently being used or you’ll end up annoying your friends with double posts of those pictures you took when you were on vacation and they were sitting in their cubicle wishing they got to go to Cancun.

Flickr Adds Twitter Support: Get Started in 2 Minutes

flickr2twitter.jpgFlickr has finally added support for Twitter, which means that you can send uploaded photos to Twitter using the Blog This link in the top right of the photo page on Flickr, or you can email photos directly to your Twitter stream. The URL gets shortened with the URL shortening service, so you’ll see exactly what you’ll click on, and it certainly seems to work well enough. [Read more…]

China Blocks Twitter and Bing, Rest Of Web Too

It seems as if China is blocking Twitter as well as Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. Other blocked sites is, YouTube, Flickr, Hotmail and several others. Ryan McLaughlin blogs from China and thinks the block is due to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4.

I can only predict the next few days will see more and more sites being blocked, hopefully with things returning to normal shortly after (though if past blocks are anything to go by, it could be weeks or months).

Hat tip: Mashable

Flickr Opens Up Video, HD For Pro Users

Flickr’s video hosting features puzzled me when they launched. 90 seconds, why would I limit myself to that really? But fine, if you shoot a few vids with your digital camera then that might cut it, most won’t support long clips anyway. Video used to be available for pro (as in paid) users only, but they’re opening it up to everyone now. Still 90 seconds limit, and 150 MB/video. Pro users can upload videos in HD (where 150 MB might be a tad small, as Webware points out), and so can regular users but it’ll play in SD only. Also, there’s an upload cap on regular users, just two videos/month.

No, I’m still not sold on Flickr Video. Sorry. I do appreciate the lifted set limit on free users, that really bugged me before I went pro.

Flickr Alternatives for Copyright-Conscious Photographers

Flickr has been in the spotlight a good deal recently, but a lot of it has not been good news. It has been revealed that Flickr, like Facebook, strips out copyright metadata from uploaded images. Combined with a confusing API, licensing scandals, companies selling photos as cell phone backgrounds and more, it is easy to see why some are skittish about keeping their images on the site.

This has some photographers, bloggers and artists uneasy about using Flickr or at least using the site exclusively. Many have begun seeking alternatives to Flickr but alternatives seem to be thin. Though image hosts such as Photobucket exist and are great for embedding images into other sites, they lack the sense of community that Flickr provides and, in the case of Photobucket, can raise copyright issues of their own.

So what other sites are there for photographers and artists that might fulfill some or all of Flickr’s function while providing a slightly better copyright environment? There are actually many, but here are three of the more important ones to watch. [Read more…]