Foursquare Badges Now “Level Up” As Users Check-In

Foursquare Badges


Foursquare Badges

In the previous version of Foursquare users would earn a badge and then move onto other check-in events to earn other types of rewards, leaving behind their “Swarm” and other badges, however the company is now offering a “Level Up” system which adds increasing levels each time an event is earned.

The new system current affects 24 category badges including “JetSetter,” “Great Outdoors,” and “Wino” among others

According to Foursquare Head of Product Alex Rainert:

“It’s rewarding exploration and awarding expertise,” and “It’s a platform to showcase tastemakers and get their content exposed.” [Read more…]

Foursquare Expands “College Badge” Program, Removes Badge Fee

Foursquare College Badges

Foursquare College Badges

Following the success of the company’s “Universities 2.0” program, Foursquare announced on Wednesday that they are bringing the program back and adding even more colleges to the program.

On the official Foursquare blog they announced that 15 colleges have partnered with the company at this time and they include:

Arizona State University, Texas A&M, UCLA, USC, University of Oregon, Texas Tech, Duke University, West Virginia University, University of Oklahoma, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Kansas, University of South Florida, Virginia Tech, UC Berkeley and The Ohio State University.

The program initially launched with Harvard, Stanford and Syracuse and will relaunch when the fall semester starts for students.

Location based badges for other universities are also expected to be added as the program expands.

The schools chosen to participate were given priority because they have already teamed with Foursquare in the past, for example Texas A&M had previously used Foursquare to sponsor campus wide scavenger hunts. [Read more…]