Foursquare Check-Ins Now Part Of Klout Algorithm

Klout With Foursquare Scoring

Klout logoKlout users who pay close attention to their own Klout score and the scores of their friends, business partners and other users will now discover that the company has added Foursquare check-ins to the mix, adding more user based information to their overall social reach algorithm.

Foursquare is added to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which was added to the program in June.

Adding Foursquare to your Klout account is a very simple process, first log into your Klout dashboard, next click on the “Foursquare” button at which point you can use your login name or Facebook and Twitter accounts to tie your Foursquare account to your Klout account.

Klout has picked up a lot of steam ever since they announced the +K button which allows users to give Klout to fellow users in specific areas deemed “influential” for that user by Klout.

While it is still unclear how Klout will integrate Foursquare with their system it’s likely that a users badges, mayorships, friend counts and location based check-ins at physical locations will all be taken into consideration. [Read more…]

MomentFeed Receives $1.2 Million In Funding, Assists Geo-Location Based Advertisers

MomentFeed Dashboard Display

MomentFeed Logo and InfoLocation based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla and even Facebook allow users to check-in at their locations, share information about those places and find where their network of friends are hanging out and now advertisers will be able to take advantage of that information in a more manicured way thanks to MomentFeed and their recent round of funding that has brought the company $1.2 million.

In the most simple of terms MomentFeed allows company’s with more than one location to manage their various location based campaigns with ease. For example Macy’s may offer different specials at all of their stores throughout the United States and now they can examine how those Foursquare or Gowalla campaigns are converting sales for their stores.

The program works by pulling in merchant location data from Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Gowalla and then giving an easy to examine view of check-ins, deals and specific specials by location. The program also offers Factual’s location data so cross-service inquiries can be examined.

By examining how locations are converting using different services a store can adjust their campaigns. For example Macy’s could determine that Facebook Places is converting better at their New York store while their Chicago locations receive more love from Foursquare users, leaving them to adjust their campaigns to whichever platform is acting most favorable for their needs.

The LA-based startup received their new funding round from a handful of investors that include DFJ Frontier, DFJ JAIC, Factual founder Gil Elbaz, Walter Kortschak and Raplead founder Auren Hoffman. [Read more…]

Foursquare Debuts New Feature To Android Users Before iOS In Rare Move

Foursquare Notifications for Google Android

Foursquare Notifications for Google AndroidFoursquare on Tuesday pulled off a rare move when they debuted a new mobile feature on the Google Android operating system ahead of Apple’s own iOS system which supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad systems. The move from a numbers point of view makes sense as Google Android devices now outsell Apple on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, however mobile app providers have traditionally debuted new applications and upgrades for their already exisitng apps for the Apple app store before moving on to other platforms.

The new upgrade is a badge that will show users notifications of activity among friends, while check-ins, photos, completed tips and swarming and trends changes can now be shown without interrupting the core use of the program.

The notification system also allows users to turn on and off device and email notices for events they don’t want to see, while all messages can be set to “temporarily off” status for one hour or until the following day.

Along with the update Foursquare has promised Blackberry and iOS updates with the new feature “as soon as possible” although an exact date has not been mentioned or even hinted at. [Read more…]

Radisson Edwardian Hotels Use Foursquare and Facebook For Late Checkouts

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare Logo

Hotels have been on a social media roll, showing off their ability to understand the relatively new medium and apply it to their customers. Earlier in the week Ritz-Carlton announced a partnership with Foursquare and now Radisson Edwardian hotels have announced their own partnership with Foursquare and Facebook.

The promotion, which runs through July 31st allows Radisson Edwardian hotel guests to check out two hours late. Currently checkout is 11am which means you can stay until 1pm. Guests who would normally check out at that time would have to pay half a day’s rate, approximately $50.

The program is running at locations in the UK and users can take advantage of the offer by simply checking into Foursquare or Facebook at the time of registration at the hotel.

Here’s how it works: [Read more…]

World Of Fourcraft: Foursquare Hack Turns NYC Into Giant Game Of Risk

World Of Fourcraft Map

World Of Fourcraft MapWe’ve seen a lot of clever hacks on the Foursquare system, however none of them have come even close to a new game called World Of Fourcraft. The game uses the company’s check-in capabilities and Google map APIs to transform New York City into one big game of Risk the popular battle board game that pits users against one another for world domination or in this case city domination.

When a user checks in at different areas around the city they are basically placing their plastic men in that areas board game. The system then figures out which “teams” players have checked into that area the most in order to determine who owns the area.

By placing players on teams (there are currently approximately 100 players) the game essentially allows for multiple “plastic pieces” to be placed in each area based upon check-in. [Read more…]

Foursquare Raises $50 Million, Plans To Expand Product Line And Global Reach

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare on Friday announced that their location based service has raised $50 million in new funding, bringing the company’s valuation to roughly $600 million.

Company CEO Dennis Crowley says the new money will be used to help the company “grown international” and “expand” their product line.

In an interview with the L.A. Times Crowley said:

“The thing that’s most exciting is that we think we’re inventing the future here a bit,” adding, “We’re doing things nobody has really done before, and to be able to raise this amount of capital will really allow us to look at the white board and accomplish the goals we have written up there — things we’ve been wanting to do for awhile now.”

The $50 million comes just after Foursquare announced they had passed 10 million registered users and then signed a deal to offer American Express customers discounts just for checking in at their favorite locations. [Read more…]

Foursquare and American Express Team Up For Discounts

Foursquare and Amex Partnership

Foursquare and Amex PartnershipLocation based service Foursquare announced on Thursday that they are teaming up with credit card company American Express to offer their base of more than 10 million users special discounts in an easy to access format.

To use the program Foursquare users with an American Express account simply sync their accounts together and then receive “check-in” discounts without the need to print or clip a coupon.

Since customers will only receive specials at locations where they check-in the program also means customers are not bombarded with sales items that they don’t want and will only receive specials when they choose to accept them by using the Foursquare check-in function. [Read more…]

Twitter Says Facebook And Foursquare Will Remain On TweetDeck

Twitter Bird

Twitter BirdWith Twitter officially announcing their $40 million acquisition of TweetDeck today attention quickly turned to whether or not the world’s second largest social network would continue to support Facebook and Foursquare within the application and the answer is yes…at least for now.

Jodi Olson at Twitter told ReadWriteWebs Marshall Kirkpatrick:

“Short answer is, we’ll continue to invest in the TweetDeck that you know and love.”

[Read more…]

Starwood Hotels Now Offering Foursquare Checkin Incentives

Foursquare Starwood Resorts Checkin

Foursquare Starwood Resorts Checkin

Starwood Preferred Guests (SPGs) can now earn additional points, badges and rewards from their loyalty program when they use Foursquare at participating Starwood hotels.

The new program begins on Tuesday with Foursquare/SPG members earning 250 bonus Starpoints when they link their Foursquare and SPG accounts together. Users then simply checkin to more than 1,000 hotels after confirming their reservation and they will earn points and other rewards.

According to the official Foursquare blog:

Starwood will continue to tailor and optimize Specials for people who are using foursquare. Can’t wait to get started? Go to and link your SPG and foursquare accounts today. Happy travels!

[Read more…]

Major Social Media Sites Taken Down By Amazon Server Issues


RedditIn the early hours of Thursday, April 21 various websites including HootSuite, Reddit and Foursquare were offline due to Amazon AWS server issues.

The issue involved Amazon’s cloud computing platform which was experiencing technical difficulties within several major services on the platform.

Sites that did not shut down completely were experiencing major latency issues or brief up and down periods. Also included was question and answer site Formspring.

Most issues occurred because of three Amazon platform issues; Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon Relational Database Service.

All sites affected appear to be working correctly at this time.