Facebook Acquires FriendFeed

friendfeed.pngHuge news! Facebook nabs FriendFeed, which totally makes sense when you think about it. This from the FriendFeed announcement:

The FriendFeed team is extremely excited to become a part of the talented Facebook team. We’ve always been great admirers of Facebook, and our companies share a common vision. Now we have the opportunity to bring many of the innovations we’ve developed at FriendFeed to Facebook’s 250 million users around the world and to work alongside Facebook’s passionate engineers to create even more ways for you to easily share with your friends online.

They seem happy enough, and while no immediate changes are planned, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that we’ll see new features roll out on Facebook. Question is if FriendFeed will live on as a separate identity or not. My guess is no, but we’ll see.

More in the Facebook press release and on Techmeme. No financial terms have been released.

A Friendfeed Extinction? Four Twitter Buyouts That Would Make Robert Scoble Cry


As any geek worth their salt knows, Robert Scoble is a huge fan of Friendfeed. Its not just the simple fact that Friendfeed aggregates all of ones sites via RSS into one place for your (even more) geekier friends, but rather that the conversations there are usually much deeper than what someone usually gets on Twitter.

Despite the fact that Twitter is a bare bones tool when compared against Friendfeed (at least feature wise), that could all easily change if Twitter decides to absorb five of its complimentary brethren which could result in Friendfeed’s irrelevance.

[Read more…]

The Friendfeed War Continues: Amigo Updates App, Challenges Buddyfeed For Domination (iPhone)



Despite getting rave reviews from bloggers like Scoble and TechCrunch, there are still very few iPhone apps available for Friendfeed. While six iPhone apps have appeared for Friendfeed, only half of them seem to have any active development upon them (at least where the quality is worth the price).

While Buddyfeed seems to have dominated the Friendfeed market (especially with the roll out of Buddyfeed 2.0), it looks as if they may have a new challenger on their hands by the name of Amigo.

Developed by David J. Hinson (of Summer Systems Management), Amigo reminds me of an app in eternal Fiesta, mainly because of its vibrant colors that do not leave one feeling totally relaxed. Priced at $2.99, Amigo costs about the same as Buddyfeed, although the app does have a few features lacking when compared against is main rival. [Read more…]

FriendFeed Beta Now Live, Realtime Für Alles

The FriendFeed beta is beta no more, now the main site has been revamped and it is realtime updates for everybody. Naturally, the developers are excited, and actually has a nice overview post up:

While we’ve been testing this new feature, we’ve used FriendFeed groups to completely replace all our internal mailing lists. And we’ve loved it! It’s been easier to share screenshots and links, and we’ve loved being able to post and respond to all entries from the comfort of our email inboxes. Try it for yourself instead of a mailing list.

Comments and more on Techmeme,. What’s your take on the new FriendFeed?

Exploring Social Media: Twitter is Broken, Now What?

scoble-twitter is broken

Within the last few hours, Robert Scoble announced that “Twitter is broken” on his @Scobelizer Twitter account.

@loic: Twitter is broken and we all know it. But we muddle along anyway. Bring us better tools so we can view groups we care about.
Scobleizer – Robert Scoble

scoble-twitter is broken

We’ve talked about a lot lately here on the , including Oscar ads on Twitter feeds, asking why Twitter is useful to you, explaining social media and Twitter to your parents, about a UK company offering Twitter business resources, how Norway is using Twitter to fight with Microsoft, Twitter pop celebrities, $35 Million to keep Twitter going, Twitter phishing scams, the BBC Mumbai Twitter Debacle, the US Presidential Election coverage on Twitter, and how Twitter is still a niche but moving into main stream.

Even with all this Twitter news and information coverage, at the heart of it, Scoble is right. Twitter is broken. Now what? [Read more…]

FriendFeed Creates More Noise (Adds Twitter Import Friend Tool)



For FriendFeed fanatics having a hard time separating the “noise” from value, it looks like your problem may become much worse thanks to a new tool that allows you to find out which of your Twitter friends is on FriendFeed–and subscribe to them.

(FriendFeed Blog) We’ve just added a friend importer for Twitter so you can easily find and subscribe to your Twitter friends who are already on FriendFeed.  

You may already have won! Your Twitter friends could already be using FriendFeed! Find them today!

We’re looking forward to extending this capability to more services.

While it is pretty obvious why they choose to add Twitter first (as it was one of the dominent mediums during Obama’s Presidential innaugeration), hopefully they will consider adding other blog services (like WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad and Blogger), not to mention Facebook as well.

iFriendFeed With BuddyFeed (And So Should You)


It looks as if Nambu and Weebfeedr have some serious competition on their hands now that CodeWalrus has launched BuddyFeed, an iPhone app for FriendFeed fanatics.

What I love about this app is its ability to combine the simplicity of FriendFeed without sacrificing on functionality (the latter which I felt the FriendFeed Web App did).

While this app is far from perfect (as you will note by the bugs reported below), it does have a few features that make BuddyFeed shine against it’s rivals. [Read more…]

FriendFeed previews beta version of new design

FriendFeed, the highly popular social discussion site used by many (including me!), is previewing a beta version of their new site design over at the FriendFeed blog.

The design will feature several new features, such as Friend Lists:

Friend lists enable you to organize your friends into groups. With friend lists, you can get updates from your family separately from your coworkers, or you can add an acquaintance to a list and remove them from your home feed.

Another new feature is seeing a feed of your friend along with all of their subscriptions:

You can now see a feed of a person and all of their subscriptions. This new feature is a great way to show your uninitiated friends what your FriendFeed experience is like, and it is a great way to find interesting people you haven’t subscribed to yet.

All of the new beta features, layout, and design can be seen at beta.friendfeed.com.

New FriendFeed Coming Soon, Found in Web Stats

A new version of FriendFeed is in the works, perhaps not so surprisingly in itself, but it might be coming pretty soon. MG Siegler over on VentureBeat got it confirmed, after spotting the domain beta.friendfeed.com in his Flickr traffic logs. It is getting harder and harder to keep web apps secret, I’ve had clients in the past who got unwanted attention to online services in an early stage, for instance.

It could, however, work the other way around. Since a lot of bloggers are watching their statistics closely, this could be a way to leak information of a new service to get some bonus coverage before going out flexing the PR muscles?