Time Lapse Twitter, Tracking The Fukushima Radioactive Cloud

Twitter Fukushima Time Lapse Map

Twitter Fukushima Time Lapse MapWhen the Fukushima Nuclear reactor began to meltdown on March 11, 2011 the people of Japan and individuals around the world quickly gathered around social networks to discuss the catastrophe. Soon after community project Webnode began charting the number of new blogs and comments being generated around the catastrophe.

The results? 500 Million+ Tweets have been generated regarding the catastrophe with information being shared all over the world from Japan to the United States.

To follow information about the disaster Webnode followed keyword specific Tweets including the words: Radioactivity, Pollution cloud, Fukushima, and many other terms associated with the meltdown. To accomplish their goal in real-time Webnode used the Google Realtime system to gather the most accurate information possible.

The community platform then tracked the Fukushima radioactive cloud movement using The Austrian Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics. [Read more…]