Wear the CNN Coverage

This is probably more of a PR stunt than an actual attempt to make money, but starting Monday you’ll be able to order T-shirts featuring CNN headlines, along with a timestamp on when you saw the news. B&C has more:

By clicking on a new T-shirt icon that will accompany the headlines, news fans can order a custom crew-neck — in black, white or grey — emblazoned with the headline along with the slogan, “I just saw it on CNN.com,” and the time stamp from the moment they clicked.

This is something I would expect in the timecrunched blogosphere, not from CNN, but fine, let’s just take it as proof that old media is learning, shall we?

Valleywag Blogger Got Fired, Ensuing Confusion


valleywag.jpgJordan Golson used to write for Valleywag, but he got the can, and that turned up as a story on TechCrunch. Apparently there were errors, because two edits were needed by the post author, being Michael Arrington. Initially it was implied that the firing was due to the criticizing April 1 post on the new payment structure for Gawker bloggers, but that was later denied. Yes, Valleywag is a Gawker Media blog, in case you’ve missed that.
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April Fools, The News Reporter’s Day Of Horror

I’ve been working with editorial services for years, usually with news reporting as something I do daily. I know the dread that April 1 send through the spine of any news writer. It’s a day where anything can happen, and since the world sometimes is a scary place, you can’t always know what is real and what is fake.

April Fools. The words bring horror.

I like this day, sometimes there are thoroughly enjoyable pranks and jokes. I like April 1 as a reader. As a writer, I need to force myself to rethink everything at least twice. And you know what? I like that too, I think it is a good thing that you’ll have t reconsider everything, and ask yourself if the information you’ve gotten is reliable, even plausible. There’s so much content out there, we really need to start asking ourselves if what we take in is the truth, or just PR bullshit.
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Become A Blogging Pundit In 5 Easy Steps

In the time I’ve been blogging personally in the new media side of the blogosphere, there have been some unwritten rules that I’ve taken notice of that some bloggers seem to follow religiously.

Of course, there’s the usual “best practice rules” that you’ll find written about here (such as writing with passion, finding your own voice, participating in community, investing time in marketing your blog, and so on, and so on, and so on) — but there are a few others, some tongue in cheek, and some not that are applicable to bloggers in any blogging niche.

If you want to get your egomaniacal gasbaggery on in earnest, that is. :)

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