Sunday Morning SEO: Preparing for Future Events

One of the things I realized when I first did SEO was that your new pages and posts don’t automatically get indexed right away by Google unless you have a very authoritative, or trusted site. Also, once your pages are indexed, it usually takes time to rank for your desired keywords.

Therefore, I started preparing for keywords that I knew would get a high search volume in the near future. These keywords were based on popular future events in my niche.

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Social Networks: Blog Killers or Blog Saviors?


wheel-spokes-hubTwitter. Facebook. MySpace. Flickr. YouTube.

Are these and other social media hangouts hurting or helping your blog?

No matter what your answer is, you must admit that blogs no longer dominate the social media landscape as they did in, say, 2006. While blogs still form the center of many companies’ social media marketing efforts, they’re now joined by a wide variety of other platforms and services.

2009: A Crossroads of Social Confluence

We stand at a crossroads of sorts. The online world is undergoing so much convergence that blogs and other so-called “social media” tools are becoming quite difficult to distinguish from each other.

We used to publish and discuss material at our blogs, reaching out on fledgling online social networks to find readers and approval. We still do that, but we now have more options and more reasons for holding substantial conversations outside of our blogs. [Read more…]

The Future of Blogging: Interview with a Blogger from 2018

Future of Blogging
Future of Blogging

Future of Blogging

Have you ever wanted to know the future of the blogosphere – say, what blogs will be like 10 years from now?

Thanks to The Blog Herald’s brand new Advanced Blogospheric Chrononavigational Discombobulus (ABCD) – basically a time machine fortuitously dropped at our doorstep last night by an unknown person – now you can.

Immediately after checking the outcomes of the next 5 U.S. presidential elections (Nader ’24! Who’da thunk?) and finding out exactly when World War III will start (thank heavens we can still prevent it), The Blog Herald excitedly sat down with a Ms. X, a professional blogger in the year 2018.

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